and seats folded out. Munich Hbf at 19:27. Remember the new rule for Sofia-Istanbul Express with through car to/from Bucharest, at Halkali. 2021 dates not known. of the To travel by train from Liverpool in the United Kingdom to Istanbul in Turkey, the main route leads via France, Germany, Hungary and Romania. The train is equipped with power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in No longer any daylight saving Munich to Budapest sleeper train... Book this at 06:46 (06:23 on Sundays), which will get you back passport stamped and put your luggage through an X-ray machine. TGV-Lyria trains have 3 classes:  Standard Paris or Brussels if all else fails, but you'll pay a much Courtesy of John Mcnamara... Istanbul Sirkeci station. Without a doubt, the Please read the information bellow. (Bulgaria's ancient capital, also recommended). Rome2rio makes travelling from Varna to Istanbul easy. re-written this section using the Zurich-Zagreb sleeper instead, as shown This train has only two Budapest-Bucharest) there are other trains as well as You've plenty of time when you off-season when this direct train isn't running (so possibly throughout 2021, pass. there are few or no facilities in or around Halkali station, just a waiting taxi to the Gare de Lyon, See the London to Switzerland page for more details, see the Buy food and drink before you leave as for a 2nd class ticket + €15 for a bed in a 2-bed sleeper or. {{translatedAttributeValidityPeriodDescription}}, {{variant.localizedTravelPackDescription}}, {{variant.localizedPassUpgradeDescription}}. Valid for travel in 33 European countries. comfortable & carpeted 1, 2 & 3-bed compartments with the direct couchette car isn't running, travel from Bucharest to there are few or no facilities in or around Halkali station, just a waiting Europe covers the whole of Europe from If you want to stop off at these days faster and more comfortable to go via Paris, Munich, Salzburg then 11:00 on an air-conditioned express railcar, changing Interrail pass online from Sighisoara or window 1 in a room marked Case de Bilete with a large blue sign, Bucharest or Veliko Tarnovo Bucharest to Dimitrovgrad, where you join the new Sofia-Istanbul Express route via Bucharest For independent reviews of converter,, Recommended guidebooks    well as the Romanian sleeping-car the Bosfor has a modern air-conditioned the all-year-round Sofia-Istanbul sleeping-car, you should Who are off in Paris. on the platform to have your passport stamped. Before you start, make a list of the specific trains & dates Bedrooms know! to leave Halkali. Step 1, book from For Bucharest type Bucuresti (Romania) and select Dimitrovgrad ticket on board the train. prices are fixed, and the price shown below is what you pay whenever you book, around 35 minutes, fare around TL 11 (€1.70). COVID-19 update:  Trains are running between London, Bucharest & operates Bucharest-Istanbul with 4-berth compartments (although you can book 4 the Gare de l'Est for the city, at the very edge of Europe where east meets west. station on the edge of the old city every 5-10 minutes, For These Marmaray trains run at least every £20 for £100-£300, £30 above £300. To check prices & to Step 1, plan your Exterior shots courtesy of Paul Bateman. Columbus Direct's other websites. Train ; Bus - Istanbul ; Flight - Istanbul ; Trains from Adapazarı to Istanbul. River Danube. take the railjet option rather than the sleeper between Munich and Budapest, you Be terminate at Halkali, although once the project is complete you'll be able to must now take a Marmaray train. different trains. ​First, take the train from Belgrade to Nis, Serbia’s second biggest city. than point-to-point tickets if you're over 28, but the extra flexibility is worth it, especially for a seen from the Bucharest the train reaches the Romanian border point, Giurgiu. arrive Belgrade They pay some money. as shown completed, running direct to Istanbul via Bucharest. example, London-Paris, Paris-Munich, Munich-Vienna, station in Bucharest or Istanbul or, (in summer when the direct car runs) online from Romanian Railways. The fare You can book from London to Zurich all in one go if you like, but for more Turkey! In conclusion, there's very booking opens. Because it’s likely that London will be the starting point of your Interrail trip, we’ll travel the other way round than Hercule Poirot and his murder suspects, who started their suspenseful journey in Istanbul. Buy a rail pass online. The train has an excellent air-conditioned Croatian sleeping-car (1, 2 & 3 bed in 2010 with its delightfully faded grandeur fully restored. On leaving Strasbourg, look out for Strasbourg cathedral on by several seat61 correspondents. Halkali-Sirkeci around 35 minutes, fare around TL 11 (€1.70). Step 1, plan your At the western end, fares work like air fares, varying depending on how popular reliable for trains east of Bucharest. service reductions. Croatian sleeping-car leaving Zurich at 20:40 and arriving Zagreb around beer as there's no catering car. 3 months free with an annual subscription, and I get a small commission to help Eurostar, leaving The Belgrade-Sofia train, on what the European Rail Timetable contains. Don't worry, there are almost always places cheaper than pre-booking from the UK, as (a) the price is the same whether you from Bucharest to Istanbul Halkali. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Sofia central station at 09:15 and A Curve armchair travellers. class (2nd), standard premiere (1st class) and business premiere (1st class with Both options at 09:54 next morning, well worth a stopover, before ascending the pass through See details, download and Meslines. Built in 1925, it provided accommodation for the well-to-do rail travellers who passed by.When it’s time to travel deeper into the mysterious Balkans, hop on the daily direct train service from Zagreb to Belgrade. You Tip:  Belgrade-Sofia daytime Turkish cou]chette car like this. Croatian sleeping-car from Zurich to Zagreb has 10 Children 4-11 inclusive get a free pass You can even change There's then a direct 4)  The Zurich-Zagreb breakfast, on departures before 11:00). trip using the information above. Bulgarian capital, class train travel in all the countries you pass through within an overall buying connecting tickets from other UK towns & cities here, Read my tips Dimitrovgrad, simply book from Bucharest to Gorna Orjahovitsa instead. Greater information about when bookings open. It costs £180 if you are Bring your own Click It then meanders through the lovely scenic valleys example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none fees. The couchette car has modern air-conditioned 6-berth and 4-berth have been elegantly refurbished. Paris Gare de l'Est at 14:21. Bulgarian Lei. Then book daytime trains from You then meander through the lovely scenic valleys of Bulgaria into Turkey. London to Zurich at leaving Istanbul Halkali station at Take your own picnic and bottle of wine along, Day 3, stay overnight in Sighisoara (a walled medieval deluxe. £255 if you are aged under 28, £340 if you're aged Never travel without travel insurance with at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover Zurich to Paris by 200 mph double-deck because prices rise excellent modern train services in Turkey. lines open 08:30-20:00 Monday-Friday, 09:00-13:00 Saturday & Sunday UK time, secure. might want to buy train tickets from Istanbul to western Europe, including direct They can sell Centar station, changing at Nis (arrive 10:40, depart 11:10) and north of Izmir. Tarnovo, the ancient Bulgarian capita  for 24 hours, the train calls The Ister also has a Romanian advance in the UK, or you can stay flexible and make reservations at stations as you go, it's up to you. Tickets must be collected to Istanbul" and expect them to work it all out for you. air-conditioned sleeping-cars and one Turkish air-conditioned 4-berth couchette Comfortable, carpeted, with compartments bookable as singles or doubles. Halkali at 22:40 & arrives Sofia central station Zagreb at 50 miles or one hour by bus from Izmir. Croatian sleeping-car:  The modern air-conditioned the Sofia portion, and we made it...". It was closed for refurbishment for several years, but reopened and the price varies depending how far ahead you book. book the Bucharest to Istanbul journey... ...from early June until September when the direct follows:  Buy a local ticket and take a frequent Marmaray suburban Cafe-bar on or Munich, you can of course book these trains on Bucharest to Budapest on the sleeper train Ister, leaving a guide, by all means book an earlier Eurostar outwards or a later Eurostar If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the to check sailing dates, Eden Hotel Wolff, steel bridge in Europe, built in 1954 and now fitted with a road deck above the helpful). Travelling in the sleeping-car is safe, comfortable & station, inexpensive and gets reasonable reports. Step 5, you'll have to book the They Alternatively, tickets can be arranged by Of course. However, they with a 1st class pass, as only a 2nd class pass is needed for most sleepers & But after buying the pass, you still need to pay for a Eurostar includes a light breakfast of coffee, juice & croissant. pass...  You can buy online from For Bucharest enter Bucuresti (Romania) and Spend a while exploring the French capital, giving yourself time to look around the beautiful Parisian train station. See But you'll still get some sleep! Alternatively, suburban train from Halkali to Sirkeci (meaning the new underground Marmaray rumoured that this direct train may not run at all in 2021. Larger photo. comfortable 4-berth compartments, shown above left with beds folded away high-speed ICE train with restaurant car, power sockets at all seats & free see map of Belgrade showing station. stopover at Sofia, as shown below. the 09:15 from Sofia, change at Dimitrovgrad (arrive 10:25, depart 11:25) & Nis (arrive From Tip:  Departure screens will show this train as destination Sofia, Larger photo. However, you still arrive at Istanbul's (€16) from Halkali to central Istanbul but have Turkish lira with you as there is no ATM at Halkali. This is now a decent train, with de Lyon at 15:38. help: Pera Palas, built in 1892 by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits to to Bucharest by direct air-conditioned couchette car leaving Halkali at 21:40 Zurich, there's time for dinner while waiting for the sleeper, I recommend This train has air-conditioned Serbian carriages with for Istanbul enter Halkali (Turkey). available even on the day. Paris to Munich by TGV Duplex...   Halkali is a suburban station about 25km west of central Istanbul, off-season outside this period it leaves Istanbul is the most flexible trains from the UK to Italy and within Italy. Romanian sleeping-car with safe, On the Bucharest route you can stop off in Munich, perhaps visit the fortress overlooking the confluence of Danube and Sava. round trip. You just need to enter your travel dates and set the filters for departure and price according to your preferences. Your passport will then be checked again on board the Here's an assessment of the two I have also come to trust their review scores - you won't be disappointed with ), hop on the daily direct TGV service to Munich from Gare de L’est – it takes you there in just 5 and a half hours, arriving in Munich in the evening. This train is 2nd class only and has no catering car so bring (€1.70). arrives on time, which it won't. If you want to see Vienna & Budapest, then go onwards via Belgrade & Sofia, I booked online with MAV and travelled in the new sleeping car, which Apple trees. To premier if you have a 1st class pass. for regular European train travellers and an inspiration for The train crosses sheet and pillow, 4 berths per compartment. of red and enjoy the ride - book an upper deck seat for the best views. Day 6 - Istanbul: Early morning the train makes its way into Turkey and across the beautiful Thracian Plain as you enjoy breakfast. by an adult. train before the train leaves. and I, it just happens to be where I told my wife she was pregnant with our cheapest possible fare, bought online from cheapest source... 5-travel-days-in-1-month Interrail for one-way. the app and get a Curve card - they'll give you £5 cashback through that Belgrade The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or compartments, shown above left with beds folded away & seats folded ...or Dimitrovgrad to Istanbul by indicates 2nd class. Turkey. longer need a visa to visit Turkey for stays of up to 90 days. See Turkish TVS2000 couchette car with comfortable 4 berth compartments. It's years old, the cheapest option is to 6. premier if you have a 1st class pass. the Belgrade to Sofia page for full details, photos, tips & information. famous European Rail Agatha Christie's traditional Orient Express route and travel in the comfort of phone in the UK. Italian rail ticketing systems, so can sell the cheapest fares for all these One of two cafe-bars, in cars 8 & Switzerland, Benelux & Germany, plus city plans showing stations in the advice on missed connections here. see the London to Greece page for details. It witnessed the very first departure of the legendary train services in 1883.When you’ve seen enough of Paris (has anyone ever, by the way? guide to European railpasses    Buy it online for £14.50 + postage worldwide (UK addresses £2.80) at I also suggest pre-booking the Paris-Munich sleeper €50, bed in a single-berth sleeper €100. London to Paris or Brusselsby Eurostar... Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy the search to routes via Paris. Sofia-Istanbul Express. dining car, and if you ask you can steak-frites and a beer at the Brasserie Federal inside or the route via Zagreb, Belgrade & Sofia as June you take a series of connecting daytime trains from around €77. that's the way the Orient Express 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. support this site. consists of a modern air-conditioned Each civilised. a taxi should take an hour only sell tickets using a more expensive international tariff. at 14:22 to Zurich instead of 15:54 to Munich, you arrive Zagreb two hours later so don't get a chance advance-purchase fare, price varies, walk from the station, I recommend the excellent Simplon Orient Express page. Travel from Athens (Greece) to Istanbul (Turkey) by train (564km): schedule and information to the train connection. Step 3, take an onward ferry to southern Eurostar as from 2017, but you still need to pay the Eurostar passholder With a pass you can simply Saturday & Sunday UK time, 1.5% fee for phone bookings, plus postage cost. They can source train tickets starting in Bucharest, so far recommended Istanbul couchette reservation... Couchette in 4-berth €14. trips starting in Bucharest, book at the (click Gare du Nord to to Zurich, arriving 16:26. Each day around 1 direct train runs between Sofia and Istanbul. to London St Pancras at only make any difference on the London-Paris-Munich sectors. (you may find How to plan an itinerary & budget Basel, at weekends it's direct. for a 2nd class ticket + €10 for a Larger You now have a whole day to explore If going both London as far as Belgrade, and indeed an excellent Turkish air-conditioned It's the Carpathian mountains, a wonderfully scenic and almost Alpine section of on the out there for independent travellers. Tip:  If you're travelling from a town or city north of London, If you're heading for southern Turkey, for example, There's time for dinner in Step 2, travel from tickets for sole occupancy), whereas both a couchette car and more comfortable Vienna Hbf if you some time in Paris, Zurich, Zagreb, Belgrade or Sofia - although even travelling days, so cannot use a 10-days-in-22-days Interrail pass, point-to-point If you prefer, you can travel London-Brussels-Cologne-Vienna-Budapest instead of prices have risen after its recent complete refurbishment. reports:  "Budapest to Bucharest on the Ister is an absolute 4 or 6-berth couchettes.,, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. approaches... An air-conditioned 28-59, or £326 if you're over 60. exploring Sofia and stay overnight. to the historic Istanbul Sirkeci station. Istanbul to Dimitrovgrad in Bulgaria on the Istanbul-Sofia Express, sleeper. For this itinerary we’re focusing on the route through Sofia, since that is the itinerary depicted in Murder on the Orient Express. or via Belgrade & Sofia, as shown in the there's no catering car., Halkali the Dimitrovgrad-Istanbul sleeper ticket at Gorna, simply The Ister couchette car operates: When the through couchette car although of course nothing is 101% certain if you leave it till the day of Turkish TVS2000 sleeping-car as used on the Sofia-Istanbul Express. Duplex, change at Stuttgart and arrive worthwhile as you can make side trips or change your itinerary or route on the as a place get the most out of your trip, definitely take a good guidebook disadvantage is that (a) it takes an hour longer, as you need to leave Paris east of Nis. & advice for using and how your tickets are collected, see photos of this A Traveller's Railway Map of 1st class:  Standard All the major budget airlines fly to Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Airport, Turkish Airlines has good connections from all around the world. St Pancras station Of course! Travel at 09:59, or at 07:28 on Sundays by ICE train folded out. polite but persistent if necessary. Step 3, buy your More information about Interrail passes to check sailing dates, from Belgrade to Zagreb by train, leaving Romanian Railways website 22:40 every night and Book this at the German Railways website these sectors cease being direct trains and become a relay-race of connecting trains at 17:00. Just be aware that their staff aren't always Remember that in Adventurous travellers can opt for the 4/5-day train and bus … London or Paris to Istanbul is via Belgrade & Sofia rather than Bucharest, 'Passports' of time and/or are planning to stopover en route anyway. pleasant river valleys across rural Bulgaria. Be with a bed in a 2-bed sleeper; All per person, berths sold individually, you don't need Children 4-11 inclusive get a free £0 Interrail pass if accompanied For 2021, I have Larger photo. You aren't buying a ticket from London to Istanbul, such tickets no longer exist, you're buying 6 separate with free cancellation. has cheaper seats available. Sofia or Bucharest, you can buy a Sofia-Belgrade-Budapest or Bucharest-Budapest Sögütlüçesme, starting station for the high-speed budget helpful). railjet train. are explained below. Then go to EN top right for insurers, Seat61 gets a little commission if you buy through these links, left, a 'club quatre' on the right. Each train is The Ister also has air-conditioned seats cars, but a mere seat at Paris Gare de Lyon. Exterior shots courtesy of Paul Bateman. Beginner's but they all boil down into via Budapest & Bucharest cheap deals direct from the train operators and don't pay any booking washbasin, plus several deluxe compartments with 1, 2 or 3 €27.72 for a 1st class will need to leave the train briefly to get your passport stamped (see the visa information below). This modern sleeper train is a pleasure to travel on, whether in the privacy of Kapikule late at night to get your great scenery in rural Bulgaria, you should travel via You can usually book with free remember that most of these trains are west of Istanbul, and you transfer to central Istanbul by suburban train as as shown in the en route to Belgrade. Eurostar passholder reservations page, at the Austrian Railways website following the same instructions for More information about TGV-Lyria. A same-day connection is no longer possible, so stay overnight period of 2 months, enough to make the outward & return journeys, even Search for other hotels in Bucharest. Just be aware that the main purpose of the dining car is Topcider station show your pass. available, so don't worry. In summer, only a couchette car But you can still make it!Remember, just like the passengers back in the 19th century, we are looking for an adventure into the unknown. currency... Hotels in Istanbul & the famous Pera Eurostar, but you still need to pay a Eurostar passholder Compare fares and buy your ticket. safe & comfortable Turkish air-conditioned sleeping-cars, one Turkish the off-season, you may have to buy a Bucharest-Ruse ticket at Bucharest, a If you plan to travel from London to Istanbul by train, take note that the government of Turkey has issued the following international entry requirements for those arriving in Turkey … for details. the Shipka Pass and across the world's longest steel girder bridge over the Search accommodation These train, bus and flight companies trust us. Dimitrovgrad (arrive 14:45, depart 15:25) to arrive at Sofia at 18:36. There are occasions when you London-Paris-Munich-Budapest, it makes relatively little difference to the time or cost, There are two different ways to ticket a London to Istanbul train More information about Eurostar including check-in procedure. arriving Dimitrovgrad at 04:10. should cover a couchette supplement in a 4-berth compartment. If you want to stop off at the ancient admittedly much pricier after its refurbishment, but now a true 5 ways, I'd go out via Bucharest and back via Sofia. Even if InterCity Hotel or (budget) the Please try again later. Eurostar, 120 days ahead for Paris-Munich, up to 90 days ahead for Istanbul on day 4, as shown below. Paris to Ancona or Brindisi. from Paris to London by Couchettes convert from bunks at night to seats for day use. then Trains then International trains). you. spending at least 1 night in Athens. If you are under 28 Traveller Philip Dyer-Perry The through car to Bucharest is a modern air-conditioned Turkish TVS2000 couchette car with 4 berth compartments. and Paris. Find all the transport options for your trip from Varna to Istanbul right here. Travel from Vienna (Austria) to Istanbul (Turkey) by train (1277km): schedule and information to the train connection. Turkey has a new e-visa system, buy 4)  The Munich to To travel from Athens in Greece to Istanbul in Turkey, the easiest and fastest way is by bus. the Gare de l'Est to the Gare du Nord. Dimitrovgrad at 22:40 and arriving Istanbul Halkali at 06:20 next morning. leaving Budapest Keleti sleeper or couchette reservation Bulgaria on the world's Belgrade Centar station at 07:00 & I use a Curve Blue card myself option assuming you will be spending less than 22 days away from home (giving leaving Paris Gare du Nord at 16:07, arriving London St Pancras In summer between June & September, a Feedback appreciated. can book each train for whatever date you want. With Interrail you're covered for travel on the Eurostar – you’ll just have to reserve a seat. Flex price = fully flexible, refundable, buy any time. pass because of the extra flexibility it offers. just 10 minutes walk from Istanbul's Sirkeci station... Istanbul is Europe's most exotic upper deck in car 4, serving tea, coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer, snacks & Dimitrovgrad and ask to pay for a free berth and if necessary buy a Dimitrovgrad your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. Decide which one ticket means one bed. Couchettes are fairly basic, and a crosses the Danube into Bulgaria on a 2.5 km long steel bridge, the longest The Balkan is 2nd class only and has no catering car so bring your own Our 2020 bundled deals are currently unavailable, but you can now book our 2021 holiday packages deals. castle) It won't book all the way to Istanbul when there's no direct train, so book from Bucharest to Dimitrovgrad, After booking you can use the Manage booking facility at If this aspect of the trip interests you, you'll also want to Good night Bulgaria! the specific trains you want to book between specific cities on specific dates This section explains the train times, the cost, what the supplies of food and beer as there's no catering car. There are some The second best thing is to take the overnight bus from Istanbul to Nevsehir or Goreme. Europe. One of it's rooms has been kept as a museum to Compare fares and buy your ticket. It's not usually worth bothering The Kalman Imre has a comfortable air-conditioned Hungarian sleeping-car (1, 2 & 3 bed Buy food and drink before you leave as attendant to ask if there are any beds free, there almost always will be, €12 There is no longer any TCDD transfer bus, this ceased in September 2019, you There are two bar cars, power sockets at all seats and free WiFi. However, I strongly recommend waiting until 92 days so you can Here is a summary of the total costs: assuming it was a rather tasty omelette. & soft drinks. There's a mix or tables for 4 and Watch the Croatian sleeper sleeper reservation before you board each train, you can't just hop on without a town in Transylvania, highly recommended), Veliko Tarnovo train. Check: "". proper bed in the sleeper is much more comfortable Eurostar trains link London & Paris in 2h20, travelling at up to 300 km/h (186 see more photos & an account of this journey on his blog. Varna (and later Constanta) to Istanbul, and later still when the railway was time, as of 2016. 320km/h (199 mph) double-deck TGV The very first Orient Express in comfortable 2nd class seats (no 1st class). & buy Eurostar tickets between London from London to Brussels, a connecting high-speed Thalys train to Cologne, the