From the makers of #LineofDuty. Bodyguard 2 stagione si fa? Star Richard Madden won a Golden Globe for his role in this political thriller, which was nominated for Best TV Drama. "So I'm like, what can happen next? Non vi è ancora alcuna conferma ufficiale, né relativa ad un ritorno, né ad una fine definitiva. He couldn't just go straight back into work. Ciò lo mette nel mirino dei responsabili, i quali tentano di incastrarlo. There are a lot of logistics in terms of setting up a second season and we're just working through those.". Could he return? Will there be a season 2 of Bodyguard? "I think it's very hard to do that, particularly because there are no guarantees that something will get recommissioned," he told Digital Spy. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter accounts. We agree! Durante un comizio, la Montague, e con lei alcuni presenti e guardie del corpo, rimangono vittime di una bomba. Well, the fella's got to write it first. All very possible, though Mercurio insists he didn't intentionally plant seeds in the first six episodes of Bodyguard to follow up in future series. Meno ansia però, vorrei un po’ meno ansia. Given series one was such a smash hit, gaining extremely impressive rating figures, it seems likely the BBC will want a second instalment to be commissioned. Though we're still waiting on the (inevitable) official announcement of a follow-up, Mercurio hinted that he could actually imagine Bodyguard running for as many as four series. He was referring to Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg's comments about the Grenfell residents, who he claimed lacked common sense during the catastrophic tower block fire that killed 72 people. Non si sa invece se Richard Longcross, rilasciato dalla polizia grazie all’intervento di Stephen Hunter-Dunn, potrebbe rifarsi vivo e mettere nuovamente i bastoni tra le ruote al sergente Budd. Bodyguard Season 2: Is There Any Good News For The Fans Of The Series About Its Return The show Bodyguard aired on BBC. Given how the first series played out (see below), the following characters seem less likely to reappear. Con molta probabilità, poi, potrebbero tornare anche: Per quanto riguarda la storia di Nadia, invece, potremmo già aver visto tutto, come ha dichiarato anche l’attrice Anjli Mohindra. Vi terremo aggiornati sugli eventuali sviluppi. Addirittura dal 27 luglio 2020 anche Rai 3 trasmetterà gli episodi. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. But you never know when it comes to Mercurio... - Michael Schaeffer as "Richard Longcross", - David Westhead as John Vosler, the Prime Minister, - Pippa Haywood as Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock. Perciò, cosa gli facciamo fare d’altro? Created by Jed Mercurio. the biggest new drama launch in the UK in 2018, the most-watched piece of TV drama since records began. Non vi è ancora alcuna conferma ufficiale, né relativa ad un ritorno, né ad una fine definitiva. Jerin yodawithsoda. A causa di una legge che la donna sta attivamente promuovendo, la sua vita è costantemente in pericolo. Mercurio is tied up with Line of Duty, while Madden's career has gone from strength to strength, bagging roles in Rocketman, 1917 and Marvel's The Eternals, not to mention the speculation that he is set to succeed Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. This content is imported from Twitter. Da queste dichiarazioni è passato più di un anno, ma ancora non sappiamo con certezza se Bodyguard 2 stagione si fa, sebbene, dato il successo della prima e in seguito ad altre interviste, ci siano buone possibilità. "Total denial.". And will he do a better job of protecting his next client? Jerin. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? All of the above considered, there’s no way Bodyguard Season 2 will be released in 2019. Here’s hoping “Bodyguard” season 2 does more of the same. Bodyguard Season 2: Everything We Know. Budd si trova costretto a sventare da solo la cospirazione che coinvolge la malavita e le forze dell’ordine corrotte per ripulire il proprio nome. So I'd like to get back to Roger, that'd be good.". Looking for more theories, recaps, and insider info on all things TV? Richard Madden’s Bodyguard gained notoriety on BBC and later worldwide acclaim on Netflix. I'm fascinated by a man who's gone through so much, and I'm very keen to see what happens to him two years later. If it wasn’t all speculation already, the uncertainty of the entertainment industryat present definitely isn’t expediting the second season’s release. Hey guys, if you like to watch crime, drama, series, then I will tell today, some such series named Bodyguard! - Nina Toussaint-White as DS Louise Rayburn. Jed Mercurio tournait un peu autour du pot en 2018, mais souhaitait clairement que Bodyguard saison 2 se fasse et cerise sur le gâteaux, avec deux saisons ultérieures. His actions were eventually exposed and Aitkens was jailed, along with Budd's Lorraine Craddock – a bent copper who provided Aitkens with Julia's itineraries and details of her security precautions in return for cash. The end? Nel frattempo vi ricordiamo che la prima stagione è disponibile su Netflix. Dopo una serie di indagini eseguite in solitaria, David Budd giunge alla conclusione che criminalità organizzata e Servizi di Sicurezza abbiano collaborato per liberarsi di Julia Montague e della sua legge Ripa 18, che avrebbe creato problemi ad entrambi i gruppi. Decide, però, di fuggire, poiché viene a sapere che i veri colpevoli potrebbero farla franca. The productions of the political drama are not likely to begin until next year. News. I primi sei episodi della serie inglese con protagonista Richard Madden, lo storico Robb Stark di Game of Thrones, sono disponibili su Netflix da quasi due anni e sembra abbiano rispecchiato il grandissimo successo ottenuto sulla BBC. "He can't really slip back into police work again. Watch Season 1 Now on Netflix. Given that he survived the first series (mostly) intact, it's a safe bet that Richard Madden will return as David Budd. there's been nothing new to sink our teeth into in 2019. protecting a member of the royal family or a foreign dignitary, has confirmed she won't be back for a second run, Bodyguard star says season 2 might need one big change, Bodyguard: 7 HUGE questions and theories after ep 2, Bodyguard episode 4's twist changes everything, Bodyguard viewers think they know who set off the bomb, The Gifted season 2: Everything you need to know, Leila season 2: Everything you need to know. "We do feel very privileged and fortunate that there's been such a response that it gives us that opportunity to at least think about doing more. Lo stesso Mercurio ha fatto sapere che Bodyguard potrebbe seguire l’esempio di Line of Duty e proporre ogni stagione nuovi personaggi secondari, al fianco di qualche regular. "We'd love to do more," Mercurio said. Bodyguard season 2: Writer reveals temptation to kill off cabinet minister character following Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Grenfell comments. Bodyguard Season 2: Release date, cast, plot, BBC rumours and more The BBC political thriller Bodyguard was a huge hit with UK viewers. Per mettere la parola fine alla questione, organizza una trappola. About Bodyguard Season 2. The actor also teased whether he's being considered for the next James Bond while on the red carpet at the 76th Golden Globe Awards, airing Sunday on NBC. "David Budd, he walks about London with a bomb on – I mean, everyone definitely knows his face now," Madden said. If the ripple effects of COVID-19 hadn’t impacted the production of Line of Duty, one could have assumed that production on Bodyguard season 2 would have likely begun at the end of 2020, for a 2021 release date. In fact, writer Mercurio has suggested that the second series could see Budd back on duty, but protecting a member of the royal family or a foreign dignitary, rather than another politician. Pic credit: BBC. Will Budd be back? Probabilmente è giusto dire che ci avvicineremmo a pensare ad una seconda stagione con l’idea che potrebbe creare un’opportunità per una terza ed una quarta. ", Richard Madden has suggested, though, that the very public events of the first series will inevitably impact on Budd's future. Related: Bodyguard episode six explained: Julia's killer revealed and more of the finale's big reveals. A quando pare ci sono grandi possibilità per Bodyguard 2 stagione e abbiamo le prime anticipazioni a riguardo. "It would be great if there was a second season," he teased. Le idee non gli devono dunque mancare. After receiving hints that are continuous from the manager of the series, we are sure that we will see a second season. Dopo aver contribuito a sventare un attacco terroristico, un veterano di guerra deve proteggere un'esponente politica, promotrice del conflitto che ha combattuto. Semplicemente non lo sai, perciò risulta essere un aspetto affrontato meglio, secondo me, retrospettivamente. Note: Contains MAJOR spoilers for Bodyguard. Add Comment. Nel momento in cui una seconda stagione dovesse essere confermata, la partecipazione di Richard Madden nei panni di David Budd è quasi sicuramente garantita. It's possible that a second Bodyguard could revisit certain of the first series' characters and wrap up a few loose ends... After Anne Sampson leaked the Kompromat containing scandalous information about the Prime Minister, the country's leader was forced to resign, as was MI5 boss Stephen Hunter-Dunn (Stuart Bowman). Il creatore ha però tenuto a precisare di non aver consapevolmente piantato semi in questi primi sei episodi, con l’intenzione di farli crescere in una seconda stagione: Credo sia molto difficile farlo, in modo particolare perché non ci sono garanzie che qualcosa venga nuovamente ordinato. Jed Mercurio is working on … As loyal supporters of the Prime Minister, Mike and the Chief Whip – also Julia's ex-husband – Roger Penhaligon (Nicholas Gleaves) had previously hatched a plan plot to undermine Julia. Dopo quella scoperta, tutti lo ritengono responsabile. Ci sentiamo davvero molto privilegiati e fortunati di aver avuto un responso tale da permetterci almeno di poter pensare a continuare. In September 2018, Mercurio confirmed that he was "just beginning" talks with the BBC about a possible second series. Se così dovesse essere, la seconda stagione di Bodyguard potrebbe arrivare su Netflix a fine primavera. It would all depend on what Jed Mercurio comes up with story-wise, but I loved that role. "I think, with the nature of the story, to have this gap where you let David grow a bit," he said. Mantenendo la calma, chiede aiuto alla polizia, non sapendo di essere ricercato a causa del suo legame con l’attentatore di Thornton Circus. But there is no confirmed release date on the production tables. And also he's the most famous man in London because of what happens at the end of episode six. Con: Richard Madden,Keeley Hawes,Gina McKee. If you find yourself in the fortunate position where you've got a second series, or a third, or whatever it is, and there is stuff from the past that can serve a function, then I think that's the best way to do it. Jed Mercurio ha addirittura ipotizzato un nuovo compito per il sergente. Bodyguard was an instant hit with fans. Does Bodyguard season 2 has a release date? Following Montague's death in a terrorist bombing, Budd was framed for her murder and forced to unravel a complex conspiracy involving police corruption and organised crime to clear his name. Come anticipato, Jed Mercurio ha in attivo anche un’altra serie, Line of Duty la cui quinta stagione, stando a quanto riporta DigitalSpy, era stata rimandata in vista della prima di Bodyguard. The opening episode was the biggest new drama launch in the UK in 2018, the first series overall was the most-watched BBC drama in a decade, while the finale – incredibly – became the most-watched piece of TV drama since records began, with an audience of 17.1 million (though to be fair, like-for-like records only began in 2002). And will he do a better job of protecting his next client? So what can we expect from the second series? Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. He's going to be engaged in something interesting.". What’s really holding up development of #Bodyguard Series 2 is the quest for any dramatically sympathetic reason not to kill off the cabinet minister in the first five minutes The first series of Bodyguard revealed that Julia Montague was killed by Luke Aitkens (Matt Stokoe) and his goons. But the shifty MI5 grunt going by the alias "Richard Longcross" – who was involved in attempting to cover up Julia and MI5's plot to overthrow the PM – was able to escape police custody. Di conseguenza ora potrebbe verificarsi il contrario: sarà Bodyguard 2 a dover attendere, qualora venga ufficialmente ordinato. Videos Bodyguard. It seems like Richard Madden is more than happy with the situation. "I thought it was really, really brilliant, and he had a real energy whenever he came on-screen. Well, we’re sure you’re aware that Netflix has international streaming rights to the TV show, a… Mercurio ha chiaramente sostenuto che Bodyguard potrebbe benissimo arrivare a quattro stagioni. Drammi TV. ", The threat is closer than you think... Bodyguard. Why is Bodyguard Season 2 Taking so Long? Series one of the hit BBC drama was the broadcaster's most-watched show since 2008 "I would return if I was asked, but I don't feel Nadia has any more of a journey to explore," she told Radio Times. The first season finale of “Bodyguard” aired on BBC One in late September of 2018, which isn’t all that long ago by modern TV standards. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service. The Bodyguard is a crime, drama, political thriller web television series of British, which is created by Jed Mercurio. "You cannot jump into it. Bodyguard: Season 1 (Trailer) More Details. "Someone said it to me this morning," she told The Guardian. Nel settembre 2018, però, il creatore Jed Mercurio ha annunciato di aver da poco iniziato a discutere con la BBC sulla possibilità di realizzare una seconda stagione. Let’s know more about Season 2 of Bodyguard. While the BBC has not yet officially renewed Bodyguard for a second series, writer Jed Mercurio and lead actor Richard Madden are certainly keen for … Coming soon to BBC One. Probabilmente ha bisogno di una pausa… ma lui, su una spiaggia con una Pina Colada, non credo che la gente lo vedrà mai. Dati i risultati che la prima stagione di Bodyguard si è portata a casa, vien da sé chiedersi ed aspettarsi un seguito. Bodyguard was an instant hit when it premiered on BBC One in August 2018, and fans can’t wait for Bodyguard Season 2. There is also a likelihood that season 2 will deviate in some way from the storyline in season 1. Genres. British, Crime TV Dramas, Political TV Shows, TV … Bodyguard season 2 will likely pick up a year or two after the events of season 1. "We certainly weren't the first [show] to rotate casts... but Line of Duty established that it works very well," he again told Radio Times. What's happened to him?'". "I want to do something totally different and I'm excited to see what Jed comes up with in that way.". Richard Madden recently offered his thoughts on what the future of Bodyguard might be. Per Mercurio’s interview with RadioTimes last fall, one possible plot for season 2 could have Budd back in bodyguard mode protecting a member of the royal family or a foreign dignitary. Creato da: Jed Mercurio. He's not going to sit back and retire, and he's not going to pick a normal job. "You just don't know, so it ends up being something that is best done, in my view, retrospectively. Where do you go with this guy?". Bodyguard season two was inevitable after the show's debut proved to be a huge ratings hit for BBC One, pulling in tens of millions of views every week. Aitkens' motive? Una volta rimessosi in sesto e dopo aver superato il disturbo da stress post-traumatico, potremmo vedere Dave assegnato alla protezione di un membro della famiglia reale o di un dignitario straniero, piuttosto che di un altro politico. "We appreciate there's a real hunger from fans to watch it. Mostly because they're all dead. Dopo essere stato assalito, si risveglia con indosso un giubbotto esplosivo, simile a quello che indossava Nadia (Anjli Mohindra) sul treno. Guarda tutto ciò che vuoi. Se riesci a trovarti nella fortunata posizione di avere una seconda stagione, o terza o qualsiasi sia, e c’è roba del passato che può assolvere una certa funzione, allora credo sia quello il miglior modo di farlo. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 11 bits of movie trivia that JUST AREN'T TRUE, Doctor Strange 2: Everything you need to know, New on Netflix this week: Movies you can watch NOW, Fast & Furious 9: Everything you need to know, Top Gun: Maverick – Everything you need to know, The Suicide Squad: Everything you need to know. David Budd definitely needs a vacation after that. By that point, … - Keeley Hawes as Julia Montague (Sorry, conspiracy theorists!). It was also revealed would-be train bomber Nadia was not actually a helpless victim, but a conniving bomb-maker. ", Related: Bodyguard episode six review: BBC One thriller subverts expectations to the very end, Those BBC talks continued into 2019. Bodyguard season 2: Creator Jed Mercurio in talks with BBC over new episodes. "When we did the show, it was just going to be a one-off, it's own thing, because Jed was still writing the show as we were doing it," Madden said. Chatting to Radio Times, Nicholas Gleaves, who played the Conservative Party Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon in season one, said: "I spoke to the producer a month ago and he absolutely guaranteed that there would be a second series, and he absolutely guaranteed that he's no idea when it's going to be.". But in bad news for anyone wanting the series as soon as possible, Madden suggested that any future episodes would need a significant time jump. La serie ruota attorno al sergente David Budd, veterano di guerra ed ora operativo come guardia del corpo in preda al DSPT, a cui viene assegnato il compito di proteggere il Ministro degli Interni inglese Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). Again, Nadia and her terrorist cohorts worked with Luke Aitkens for money – to build more bombs and further their cause. Bodyguard Season 2 Release Date As we all know that the show is not canceled by the creators in fact the show is on its way. Bodyguard. Nel frattempo, tutti i primi sei episodi sono disponibili sulla piattaforma streaming. It followed David Budd (Richard Madden) – a war veteran-turned-Specialist Protection Officer – who was assigned as a bodyguard to Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), the ambitious and powerful Home Secretary. In conclusione quindi, potremmo forse aspettarci il ritorno di Richard Madden nei panni del sergente Budd sulla BBC, sempre che lo show ottenga il rinnovo, nel 2020, magari in marzo, prendendo momentaneamente proprio il posto di Line of Duty. November 17, 2020. Allora, però, la priorità di Mercurio era il suo altro show, sempre in onda su BBC, su Hulu per gli USA e distribuito nel resto del mondo da Netflix, Line of Duty. Sai dire se gli attori hanno recitato o meno in queste... Harry Potter e il Calice di Fuoco: libro o film? The following characters, meanwhile, can definitively be ruled out from appearing in a second series. Bodyguard season two was inevitable after the show's debut proved to be a huge ratings hit for BBC One, pulling in tens of millions of views every week. Solo la moglie Vicky (Sophie Rundle) gli crede e grazie a lei riesce a provare la propria innocenza. [So] what's his life like after that? Plot Details Of Bodyguard Season 2: Everybody can see during the first season of the show that Julia, the Interior Minister, has been killed and David faces several psychological issues, as everybody assumes he’s linked to his homicide. First up, we need that all important official confirmation. Renewal of Bodyguard Season 2. The actor revealed that she still gets asked if Julia is alive. Everything is looking up, as reports say Bodyguard season 2 has been confirmed. Qualcosa però ancora non torna e in base alle informazioni in suo possesso conclude che anche Nadia deve essere coinvolta. The way that we would look at a potential Bodyguard season 2 is similar to how we would look at another season of Sherlock at this point. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. He added: "I think that Roger can definitely make a comeback. "Where will this man be, in terms of his mental health, in terms of his wife and children, in terms of his career? Scopre così il vero infiltrato, che altro non è che la sua capa. Richard Madden ha inoltre dichiarato a Daily Mail: Non abbiamo mai avuto intenzione di farne un’altra [di stagione] e non so, sono emozionato di sapere cos’ha in mente, soprattutto perché David [Budd] ha avuto un paio di mesi piuttosto impegnati. "We're in talks. However, if the shooting starts as quick as early-2020, there are chances the new installment may release next year itself. Starring @MissKeeleyHawes and @_RichardMadden. Cleared of any involvement in Julia's death, David Budd sought help for his mental health issues and repaired his relationship with Vicky and their two children. "We've been talking about it and I spoke to Jed about a month after the show had finished airing over in the UK and we sat and decided, 'Let's give it at least a year while we work out how to do something better'," he told The Hollywood Reporter. Madden added: "So I'm very keen to work with Jed and work out how to move on the next bit of the story. Could their scheming have further consequences? It really does sound like it's going to happen – after that long break. "It's probably fair to say we would probably approach any thoughts of a second series with the idea that it would create an opportunity for a third or fourth," he said. La voglia e le possibilità per Bodyguard 2 stagione sembrano esserci. Si scopre così che la donna non era solo una vittima, ma la responsabile della costruzione di tutte le bombe. In molti, infatti, attendono le nuove avventure del sergente David Budd, interpretato proprio da Richard Madden. Richard Madden has suggested that a time jump might be necessary for the story to continue. With Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin, Ash Tandon. Bodyguard stars Richard Madden and Keely Hawes. Con l’aiuto degli artificieri, si libera della bomba. But we decided we're not going to rush it and shoot something this year. Nel settembre 2018, però, il creatore Jed Mercurio ha annunciato di aver da poco iniziato a discutere con la BBC sulla possibilità di realizzare una seconda stagione. While there is a good chance it will happen, at the same time we should note that there’s no clear timetable for it, either. So where can I watch Bodyguardin the meantime, you may be asking? 3 Min Read. Given the rave reviews and record-breaking numbers, Bodyguard seems set to follow in the footsteps of creator Jed Mercurio's other hit show Line of Duty in becoming a long-runner. Season 2, series 2, part 2 — Jed Mercurio can call it whatever he wants as long as we get more Bodyguard. David è dunque determinato a scoprire il colpevole. The first season of the series made a massive fanbase and both the makers and viewers were enthused about the next portion of the series. You know, with David. And film it. Nel tentativo di mettere insieme gli ultimi pezzi, David rimane vittima di un’imboscata. "I think it's going to be really useful.". "Me and Jed both agree that there's something much more interesting in, 'Let's catch up with him 18 months later, two years later after this has happened and say where is he now? Bodyguard season 2: Is it going to happen? Likewise, Mike Travis ended up holding on to his job as Montague's replacement, staying on to make sure that her controversial bill RIPA '18 – which would have allowed the government greater powers to monitor communications in the UK – is torn up. "But the show's engaged with so many people, and it's engaged with me, because I'm fascinated by that character. © 2013 - - Vietata la Riproduzione, Fate the Winx Saga serie Netflix: trama, cast, uscita e streaming, Serie TV più cercate su Google nel 2020: da Ratched a Outer Banks, iCarly revival: data di uscita, trama, cast e streaming, Disenchanted: trama e news del film Disney Come d’Incanto 2, The Perfectionists: trama, uscita e streaming ita dello spinoff di PLL, Black Mirror 5 stagione: uscita, cast e streaming episodi su Netflix. Madden gave us an update in November, revealing that he'd arranged to meet with Mercurio to discuss the show's future. Otherwise, everything. La situazione potrebbe comunque presto smuoversi verso una direzione più precisa, dato che ormai la serie sopracitata ha debuttato. A volerla fuori dai giochi non è solamente la criminalità organizzata, ma anche quelli che dovrebbero essere i buoni, ovvero il Governo e soprattutto i Servizi di Sicurezza. But even if she is kaput, there's a chance she could feature in flashback form, should Mercurio feel the need to. "I'm going to meet Jed in a couple of weeks, to have a chat and see what's in his brilliant brain," he told Deadline. "We're going to give it a breath and do it justice. To prevent her from becoming Prime Minister and transferring greater powers to the security services, which would have allowed MI5 to watch the sort of dodgy dealings that made the crime lord his money. Mercurio ha chiaramente sostenuto che Bodyguard potrebbe benissimo arrivare a quattro stagioni. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. A big delay between series one and two was always on the cards given how busy both its creator and star are. He's not going to go back to work, is he? If the domino effects of COVID-19 had not affected the production of Line of Duty, we would assume that production of Bodyguard Season 2 would probably have started in late 2020 by the release date 2021. Pippa Haywood, who played David Budd's boss Lorraine Craddock, has confirmed she won't be back for a second run: "No spoilers... but I think we can probably count me out.". If we were not in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, then we would’ve fussed the release date to be around in 2021 but the production of ‘Line of duty’ was also halted and therefore, an uncertainty lays regarding the whole production-release scenario. Hence, the premiere of Bodyguard Season 2 will extend even longer than that. So don't expect anything until at least autumn 2020. We're going through the logistics of it," Mercurio said, adding: "There's no real update now.". ‘Bodyguard’ Season 2 Release Date: When will the new series premiere? If we come back to do another one, I want to do something as different as the first series was, and not just repeat the cycle, repeat the formula. Earlier in 2019, Mercurio 'joked' that the reason season two is taking him so long is because of a key narrative issue. David's theories about a conspiracy at the heart of government look increasingly plausible, but concerns about David's psychological health are raised, and allegations … Because he had a hell of a couple months there. Bodyguard was one of the BBC's biggest dramas of the year, with Game of Thrones' Richard Madden delivering a powerful performance. It sounds like that time jump will be literal – there's been nothing new to sink our teeth into in 2019. Anjli Mohindra, who played the deceitful bomber Nadia Ali, has also suggested that she won't be back for more Bodyguard. It is a crime based political drama and thriller on watching, and the political drama is set in Britain. Indeed, Mercurio's implied that, like Line of Duty, Bodyguard might feature a new supporting cast every year, with only a few regular characters continuing from series-to-series. Digital Spy now has a newsletter – sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox. The probability of season 2 to be released is in the year 2021, it could be released … "What's really holding up development of #Bodyguard series two is the quest for any dramatically sympathetic reason not to kill off the cabinet minister in the first five minutes," he wrote on Twitter.