Don't miss these limited time offers. Sorry. Are you looking at GCs in the estore? Don’t know about you, but I was definitely waiting for Aeroplan to release the Black Friday promotions and offers. Aeroplan Black Friday event runs from November 25 until December 3, 2019. I product switched from a TD Visa Infinite to the Infinite Privilege. From the eStore offer (covered here) … - There are actually quite a few promotions within Aeroplan’s Black Friday Spectacular that they launched today. You can see this offer here. Using Air Canada gift cards to pay for your flight means that you won’t be able to benefit from any insurance protections that you would get if you had paid with a travel credit card instead. With a few strategic eStore purchases at the 5x or 10x level, it’s not hard to imagine each family member racking up a total of 7,000 Aeroplan points after completing their four bonus offers. Disappointingly, perennial favourite Apple is only at 1x this time around. The Aeroplan Black Friday promotion is back and offering up to 10x the miles on purchases made through the Aeroplan eStore! Direct Link to Promotion. 11 0. I suggest anyone who gained their elite status through Travel at Home double check that they’re earning these additional points. I am wondering if its worth paying the Annual fee of $599 to get 40K points!! Aeroplan Terms & Conditions; eStore Terms & Conditions; Help; Contact Us; Become a member Login Log out. 2. A minimum purchase of 2,000 Aeroplan points is required, which would net you 3,000 Aeroplan points after the bonus, at a total cost of $60 plus taxes. Members can also get up to 10% off when redeeming points for merchandise via the eStore. Once I go the Aeroplan estore and click on the link to a retailer, for example Roots, can I log into my Roots account and use a promo code that was emailed to me to apply to my purchases? Looks like it – although you can only do it once to count for the four offers. If I booked the trip using points or cash and I have to cancel later due to covid, would aeroplan claw back the bonus points? Yes hopefully that works. Other Aeroplan bonus offer do apply with other partners, the most significant ones are: 1,500 bonus miles … I was about to make three separate purchases of $25 AC gift card. Yes! Not an Aeroplan member? 100,000 HSBC Rewards points eStore purchases, gift card and points purchases, 5 points per $1 spent on Air Canada Gift Cards, not a price I would personally purchase at. © 2020 Prince of Travel. Here is a snapshot of retailers and the bonus points on offer; Stack Points? Did you get the 50,000 bonus points for the switch or is it awarded only on a fresh application? The top eStore offers are (per $1 spent): 5X the miles; Apple 7X (until December 2); Banana Republic & Gap 5X; Dell 5X; Dyson 10X; Hudson’s Bay 7X; Indigo 10X; Lenovo 10X; Under Armour 7X. I believe in order to access the aeroplan estore, you need to login first. Yes please! Open in app; Sign up. National Bank Rewards Black Friday and Cyber Monday merchandise sale. Stefan – easy enough, you just need to call TD customer service and they can process it over the phone. Posted by Points Miles and Bling | Nov 19, 2020 | Airlines, Deals, Loyalty Programs | 2. For now, make sure to take some time over the next week or so to grab your easy 5,000 Aeroplan points simply by clicking a few buttons and making a few small purchases, potentially totalling up to 40,000 Aeroplan points across a Family Sharing pool. No, because savvy Aeroplan members know that the optimal way to purchase Aeroplan points is at an effective rate of 1.8cpp (equivalent to a superior 65% bonus) through one of the following ways: Then, we have the usual discounts on Air Canada flights and vacation packages that we see around Black Friday: If you haven’t applied for one of the new Aeroplan credit cards yet, then doing so will also count as fulfilling one of the Black Friday offers for the purposes of earning the bonus 5,000 Aeroplan points (which we’ll discuss below). Last name. I don’t see an exclusion but may have missed it…? GL! In that case it’d be safest to do five tasks in case they deem the “booking flight” one ineligible because it gets cancelled. Happy shopping! An incorrect Aeroplan Number or Last Name was entered. Learn how your comment data is processed. Yes, it should count as I believe it’s a variant of the regular no-fee CIBC Aeroplan Visa Card. “Members that make purchases using an Aeroplan co-branded credit card and, if they’re an Aeroplan Elite Status member, get an extra 2 points per dollar spent when shopping via the eStore.’ Wondering where this is outlined? Will you be taking advantage of some of these bonus offers? Well, here it is – Aeroplan Black Friday Offers this year consist of bonus offers on eStore purchases, gift card and points purchases. Been getting same thing it says I have to call. Join our Sunday newsletter to get weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox. The terms and conditions state: If any of the eligible transactions are cancelled or any of the related purchases returned, the Bonus Aeroplan points will be cancelled. While I don’t have a data point to share, getting Uber Eats gift cards and risking not getting the points due to a T&C violation seems like more trouble than it’s worth to me. It seems far easier to just order some food through Uber Eats during the promotion period. Barcelona- Montreal ; The 12 Days of Gifting; Sitewide savings, spectacular offers, bonus Aeroplan points, and more . Black Friday saving continues Black Friday saving continues Get the biggest bargains of ... From there, you’ll need to shop with Aeroplan partners or at Aeroplan’s eStore to qualify for special promotions. Now he travels mostly on points and loves to share his personal travel gaffes and triumphs on Points Miles and Bling! Using the card would only apply if you used it to pay for a flight. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020 [Aeroplan eStore] Earn up to 10x Points+Up to 5,000 Bonus, Last Day was Nov 29/20 - Check Order History! Maybe a $25 gift card + paying the rest of the flight directly would be optimal. Thanks. Booked an Aeroplan award back in June 2020, Etihad flights have been cancelled and rebooked to unsatisfactory schedules including a forced 23 hour delay at LHR. You get a pro-rated refund of the annual fee of the Infinite card too. Does that mean that I will get points only for the amount paid by credit card or I will get no points at all? Any idea if that counts for this promo?If that changes anything, I received an email from Aeroplan confirming that my card had been linked with my Aeroplan account minutes after getting approved. With all the money AC is paying him, I think he’s lost touch with reality! Offers Details. Jump to page: / 10. Hi Ricky, for the 5000 bonus points, do you know if the book a hotel and then cancel trick will work? Black Friday is here and so are major deals from our partners. Log in; TravelUpdate. 这是今年 eStore 有多倍的商家,Apple只能2x . This would count for both buying a gift card and buying an AC flight for the purposes of the 5,000 bonus points. Aeroplan Black Friday Offers – eStore Offers. Offers Details. It seems that is one of the necessary four. Hoping it’s true of course, just like to see it on an AC… Read more », Hi Shaun – You are making me work for it , Had to check with AP folks since I couldn’t find it either, but here it is – Lol I thought the same thing. I thought the Waitlist bonus option closed a while back! 26 Nov 2019. I still have my Amex Plat travel credit. Here's a snippet of just a small number of … Buying Aeroplan points is processed through, so it’d count as a general purchase and only earn 1x. Air Canada’s Aeroplan program is offering a wide variety of Black Friday bonuses. Whatcha got folks! CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Then, you’d be able to use those gift cards to purchase a flight for the first passenger with 20% off the base fare, while redeeming your Air Canada Buddy Pass for the second passenger’s flight. Members with Aeroplan Black and Silver status also receive one (1) bonus mile for every dollar ($1) spent. Shop Now. 8; 9; 10; … 2 miles per $1. Air Canada gift cards are processed and distributed by Buyatab Online Inc., so they don’t code as an airline or travel purchase on your credit card. We’ve built the new Aeroplan around the way people actually travel. It is possible that AC changed the offer. Wow what a horrific misfortune you went through. Should work…from the promo page if you click on the GC option it takes you to AC where you can enter $25. Hi Ricky, I think something does not match. Hi Ricky, just wanna follow up on this, if Jill cancel the ticket, although she could covert it to 65% bonus points, isn’t the 5000 bonus points will be clawed back as per your reply to Dino and T&C? You can also search for particular retailers using the search icon located top right of the homepage. The deal applies to the Aeroplan eStore where there are great offers on various partners and products, but there are also hotel and car booking deals during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 28Nov2020 Air Canada’s Aeroplan program is providing all kinds of Black Friday bonuses. Agreed, I got rid of my RBC WestJet MasterCard several months ago after I had used WestJet dollars to book some flights that got cancelled because of COVID thus the... Hi George, were you able to PS from the no fee card into the AS card with the $99 fee rebate? Only one transaction per partner counts as an offer. What could you order from Ansett Airlines’ inflight bar in the early 1970s? Do you need any proof? Shop Now. For the 5,000 points offer, can I make a flight booking with an AC voucher? Any experience, guys? For Black Friday, they are now giving 2X!! wait; you Threw out the tenants’ instant pot cooker? T&C’s say that only using GC violates eligibility. It was like that in the beginning. Up to 10x Points on the Aeroplan eStore. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020 [Aeroplan eStore] Earn up to 10x Points+Up to 5,000 Bonus, Last Day was Nov 29/20 - Check Order History! Review: Aer Lingus Dublin to London Heathrow Christmas ... Last day to purchase Hyatt points at 1.7 Cents a piece, Jet Airways passenger demands $40,000 and 100 Upgrade vouchers in compensation, Discount codes and bonus miles on car rentals – Hertz, Avis and Bugdet, More Amex shutdowns, 18 offers of 100k points & more, Top travel destinations that people are booking for 2021, Review: Aer Lingus Dublin to London Heathrow Christmas 2020. Review: Tomtom Suites Istanbul – My Stay As The Only Guest! When you shop through eStore, you see often a following statement: “Please note the following items are not eligible for the accumulation of Aeroplan Miles: purchase or redemption of gift cards.” What happens if I pay only a part of my order with a gift card and another part with a credit? Walmart to place a ban on all Manufactured Spending. Subject to any refunds. Can’t seem to find anything excluding this in the Terms and conditions. Say hello to the transformed Aeroplan program. Search this thread. Yeah, they are only letting you purchase minimum $100 egift cards it is looking like. This site is for information and entertainment purposes only. Hadn’t they ever heard of finders keepers? The Aeroplan Black Friday promo is a great sale to earn more Aeroplan points for free travel on Air Canada or other partner airlines. Hello Guy, I’d be interested in how you did the switch from Infinite to Infinite Privilege – because I want to do the same. Thank YOU very much for your reply and amazing website!!! Me neither, so I think that should be fine. So a $5 Hotel booking in Saigon using points would also work? Ready, set, shop! Buying direct from AC and inputting your Aeroplan number should work, but someone can chime in if I’m mistaken. Refunds on Cancelled Flights: 2020 Year-End Update, Vote Now: 2020 Prince of Travel Awards (Week 3), Hilton Diamond Members: Give the Gift of Gold Status, Booking Domestic Canadian Flights with Foreign Airline Programs. Gift cards are though Buyatab and points are through, so neither would count as a flight/travel purchase unfortunately. Shop Now. So I would think I could make three separate flights using points under my account (for three family members) and that would be 3 offers right there? Even I am looking to do the switch. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still a few weeks away, I've been able to confirm that Aeroplan is indeed having an amazing promotion between November 25 – December 3. Your spouse, children, and members of your extended family can all have their own Aeroplan accounts and qualify for this offer individually, and hey, it’s quite common for the head of the household to manage everyone’s accounts on their behalf. Become a member × Aeroplan Login. AEROPLAN. In some cases, you may want to advance your purchase that you were planning to take advantage of the offers available. For Amex MR, no, it has been a very long time since the last bonus and I don’t think we’re likely to see one anytime soon. Contact Information Opens in a New Window; Baggage Fees and Optional Services; Baggage Fee Changes; SPECIAL … How long after ordering a gift card do you receive it? See your profile See your profile ... Black Friday Spectacular. Reply to Thread Reply. Close Customer Support. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Will I receive the... You can add me for a data point for Myth #0! Ideally one that can handle all the saltiness here. It says this: So can you apply for the Amex Aeroplan Reserve card through the Waitlist (+10K bonus points) and then use that card to buy Aeroplan points in order to knock off 3 of the 4 offers for the 5K bonus points? How dare they ask for it back hey? Apple eStore on Aeroplan only gives 1x earning, not 2x. Thank you so much for this article. Aeroplan Members can earn up to 10X the points on select brands and get up to 10% off on merchandise redemptions via the Aeroplan eStore during the Black Friday Spectacular event (November 19 – 29). Thank you, Stefan. Aeroplan & Air Canada Black Friday 2020 Deals From November 19 to 29, 2020, Aeroplan members can earn bonus points through many offers. I have my US credit cards and bank account active so I have valid proof of address. Hi Ricky, I couldn’t find above 5,000 bonus points on multiple Black Friday offers in Air Canada or it’s eStore webpages – has this bonus offer been withdrawn by AC? Log in. Use multiple Black Friday Spectacular offers before November 29, 2020 and earn up to an additional 5,000 bonus Aeroplan points;Use 2 offers and earn, Aeroplan Credit Card + Elite Status, for the win! Also… when you buy points or gift cards does that count for air Canada purchases or does it go through reward ops or something like that? It appears as though the status I gained through the Travel at Home promo didn’t translate to me earning the extra 2 points per dollar spent on my Aeroplan eStore purchases – Aeroplan is currently investigating. 1 mile per $1. ... Shop during special sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day to get more points for every dollar you spend. Page 10 of 10 . I love your channel. Is it instant? With the recent shutdowns, I’m hesitant to use the refundable hotel trick to cash it out. Today Aeroplan launched their annual Black Friday offers for shopping online via the Aeroplan eStore! In the past we’ve seen Buy Miles promotions that specified you’d earn SQD on your purchase, but that’s not specified this time, so I don’t think so. Tried several cards, several AP accounts and I keep getting it an Unable to Complete your Air Canada Online Gift-Card email. For example, on a new TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Privilege, you could meet the $1,000 minimum spending with a purchase of Air Canada gift cards, netting you 5x points on the purchase, while unlocking the signup bonus of 50,000 Aeroplan points plus an Air Canada Buddy Pass. Black Friday Deals are here and on the Aeroplan eStore! Note: you can only have a maximum fo 3 transactions throughout the estore to count for the bonus miles. Visit the Aeroplan eStore and login each time you shop online to earn miles. Offers Details. . I believe the flight must be booked through Air Canada directly. (Remember, if you have a non-Canadian address listed in your Aeroplan profile, then you won’t be subject to sales tax on Aeroplan points purchases.). Shop Now. Just curious because I’m in the same situation and would rather take advantage of the travel credit without actually travelling given the GTA and surrounding areas are likely going into lockdown. Here is an Aeroplan Black Friday Promo example: just 4 small purchases give you a very valuable bonus of 5,000 points very easily! Please enter Aeroplan number. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor a legal or tax professional. Could not complete a purchases of $25 AC giftcard. Looked through the terms carefully and while there are listed bonuses for applying for a co-branded credit card and for purchasing AC flights or packages with a co-branded card, not seeing where it says there’s also a 2x for eStore purchases made with co-branded card if also an Elite Status member. Said content and opinions are not provided by any third party mentioned on this site and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any such third parties. Good lord you are way too high on your self. How’s that for stacking the savings? Based on my experience, it takes about 1-2 hours. Ricky’s love for travelling and learning more about the world is unbounded. An incorrect Aeroplan Number or Last Name was entered. Required fields are marked *. Redeem for a product in the eStore catalogue. Shop Now. Remember me. How Does the New BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Compare? More Amex shutdowns, 18 offers of 100k points & mor... Top travel destinations that people are booking for 202... Chase Has Added Air Canada As a Transfer Partner. Your email address will not be published. Even though there is no Black Friday in Canada, many countries have hopped on the bandwagon. 10x on eStore. If you want to redeem points for some merchandise, you can save up to 10% on the cost of many items. Members that make purchases using an Aeroplan co-branded credit card and, if they’re an Aeroplan Elite Status member, get an, Save up to 20% off select Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class base fares on all Air Canada destinations, for bookings made by November 29, 2020, for travel straight through June 30, 2021, Get up to 40% off Sun, Canada, Europe and USA vacation packages, Get 20% off all hotel and car redemptions, Earn up to 1,500 bonus Aeroplan points on car rentals at Avis locations worldwide (car rental must be made by January 26, 2021). 3 miles per $1. Is it possible to book a flight on Platinum Travel to use the travel credit and still have it register as one of the Aeroplan Black Friday Offer? Today Aeroplan launched their annual Black Friday offers for shopping online via the Aeroplan eStore! How do you add a US Address to the Aeroplan account? 2 miles per $1. Called Aeroplan and she indicated the same. Are you more of a Black Friday gal, or a stay at home and shop online Cyber Monday kind of person? There are some nuances as to which offers can be used multiple times: As you can see, there’s a myriad of ways in which you could fulfill four offers and earn the extra 5,000 Aeroplan points: If you aren’t looking to make any big moves, then the last option is probably the easiest way to earn those 5,000 Aeroplan points pretty effortlessly. If I bought AC GC and then booked tickets, can I cancel those tickets and get aeroplan points? Yes please! Dyson, Lenovo, Sephora, and Indochino are the four retailers offering 10x points, with the remaining retailers varying between 1x and 7x elevated returns. Hi Tyler, how did you go about that? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few days away. Earn Miles and save money! If you head to the FAQ page on the eStore:, And look under “How many points will I receive from my purchases through Aeroplan retailers?”, You’ll see: “Aeroplan Elite™ Status Members will earn an extra 2 points per dollar spent on the Aeroplan eStore.”. Offers Details. . The Aeroplan eStore is an innovative shopping portal that lets you earn up to 10x the Aeroplan points with over 170 eStore Aeroplan retailers. I say “should” because this has never been a problem in the past, but some other shopping portals (like Rakuten) sometimes don’t allow you to stack with a retailer promo code, and only time will tell if that’s the case with the new Aeroplan eStore that’s managed by RewardOps. He’s on a mission to document and understand every square inch of the globe, and travelling on points will be an essential tool along his journey. Thanks. Thanks for the clarification Guy! Basics of Using the Aeroplan eStore. Aeroplan Black Friday Promotions. Thanks Tyler. No, we made some delicious chicken curry with it, and then had to give it back . Speaking of stacking, you’ll be able to earn up to 5,000 bonus Aeroplan points simply by taking advantage of multiple Black Friday offers. Shop exclusively in the Aeroplan eStore. From now until November 29 you can earn up to 10X the points when you shop online at select retailers that are partners in Aeroplan’s online shopping portal. The content and opinions expressed on this site are provided by the authors of this site and are theirs alone. For e-store purchases, there is no minimum amount required to spend to qualify the offer right ? Thanks for the info. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For hotel programs, yes, there are regular 25–35% conversion bonuses (which we haven’t seen this year likely due to COVID). If you had the maximum of eight family members in your Family Sharing group, that’s going to be 56,000 Aeroplan points right there – already enough for a one-way flight in business class to Japan for one member of the household! I have like 200K of membership rewards with Amex. Truthfully, I would’ve loved to see even stronger Black Friday offers (perhaps on par something like 50% Miles Back) to celebrate the new program’s recent launch, but I suspect those will be coming sooner or later anyway. Please try … Indeed, for anyone contemplating upcoming trips over the winter or spring, the Black Friday promotions as a whole could represent a good time to do some careful planning. Aeroplan Members can earn up to 10X the points on select brands and get up to 10% off on merchandise redemptions via the Aeroplan eStore during the Black Friday Spectacular event (November 19 – 29). I wish they’d pay me enough for a new instant cooker. Am I missing something? Alongside, there are good set of savings via promotions on flights, vacations, and car rentals. Air Canada flights purchased with points or cash. Aeroplan Members can earn up to 10X the points on select brands and get up to 10% off on merchandise redemptions via the Aeroplan eStore during the Black Friday Spectacular event That would only knock off two: getting a card and buying Aeroplan points. Aeroplan is offering several bonus offers, including up to 10x the bonus miles on the eStore in celebration of Black Friday. The articles and content on this site are of a general informational nature only and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. And this year, it looks like Aeroplan was inspired by AIR MILES. Members can earn 35% bonus miles when they convert hotel points into Aeroplan Miles between Nov 25 and Dec 3. 1. Now, you can use only once the option of buying an AC gift card for the offer. My mistake. Does buying Aeroplan points trigger the 2x on the Platinum and/or 1.5x on the Aeroplan VI? I believe you need to buy directly from AC, otherwise it’s just another estore transaction (which you can only count 3 of). Brian and Danny need to chill out…go somewhere else w that negativity ‍♀️ thx Ricky for all the content!! 525,000 points for $10,500 @ 2.0 cents per point. When shopping through the Aeroplan eStore, you’ll earn up to 10x the points on your purchases. Just ordered one and haven’t received it after half an hour :/. Do you know if there is any promotion (now or future) to transfer points from Hotels or Amex to Aeroplan? Aeroplan eStore confirmed bonuses for Black Friday Cyber Monday - 5x for Amazon, 7x for Apple, 10x for Indigo Continuing on our 'as we mentioned in our giveaway' post last week, the Aeroplan eStore Black Friday Cyber Monday deals are now available. Icon version of the Flipboard logo. In the Categories section there is Air Canada Products and in going to that there are only $100, $200, and $500 eGift cards listed. As part of the new program’s arrival, the Aeroplan eStore has also relaunched with a brand-new look, and as in previous years, it should be your go-to shopping portal during Black Friday for all kinds of things you may or may not need. Now, would I recommend anyone buy or gift Aeroplan points at 2cpp? More information. Below are some of the key offers to watch out for. Seriously. Offer for non-Quebec residents only; Quebec residents are eligible for a different offer. Bonus miles vary from retailer to retailer, with most offering between 4-10x the miles on all purchases. Therefore, since you logged in, you should be fine and it should count towards the offer. Want to avoid shipping costs for small purchases. The “gift card” one would still count, and it’d still be a better deal if you actually wish to acquire Aeroplan points than buying them directly at 2cpp. Does buying an Uber Eats GC at Uber Eats via eStore count as eligible transaction or only ordering food counts? FAQ labelled “How many points will I receive for my purchases through Aeroplan retailers?”, © Copyright 2020 - BoardingArea Network - TravelUpdate - Privacy Policy - Subscribe. Thanks for the info, Ricky! Furthermore, there are discounts to reward redemptions too. 2 miles per $1. I had a silly question: If I buy the aeroplan miles, do they qualify for altitude status? Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Plus, if you’re an Aeroplan Elite Status member with any status level starting from 25K, you’ll earn an additional 2x points on all eStore purchases (similar to how Aeroplan Status worked previously under the old program), so you could potentially unlock 12x Aeroplan points on a new vacuum, laptop, makeup haul, or three-piece suit. So who found the 3 absolute *cheapest* e-store purcahses to make? You can use any of these offers multiple times: Prince of Travel is Canada’s leading resource for using frequent flyer miles, credit card points, and loyalty programs to travel the world at a fraction of the price. Last Updated: Dec 10th, 2020 10:37 pm; Category: Travel; Tags: aeroplan; earn; up to; points; on; aeroplan estore; bonus; SCORE +11. MBNA Alaska: Now With a $100 Statement Credit! Furthermore, as noted by my friend Jean-Max from Milesopedia, the new Family Sharing feature is an excellent way to scale up your earnings whenever there’s easy points on the table like this. Aeroplan and Air Canada’s Black Friday offers are here, and you can reward yourself with bonus points on your holiday shopping or significant savings on upcoming trips by taking advantage of these offers before November 29. I am wondering if applying the CIBC AEROPLAN® VISA* CARD FOR STUDENTS will counts as one offer? Please try again. You should be able to stack the eStore with a promo code. Same thing with other retailers like Old Navy, they often have promo codes that can be applied to the cart. Hi Ricky, Someone left their own instant cooker at your place then had the nerve to ask for it back? You’re right, there are a lot of moving parts here. Plus, Aeroplan members have it even better—you'll earn up to 10X the miles on your purchases through Cyber Monday and beyond. Special Offers. This seems to be a common question so I’ll make a note of it in the article. If you cancel one of the eligible transactions that earned you the 5,000 bonus points, then the bonus points may be clawed back as per the T&Cs. Offer lasts until December 28, 2020. Let’s talk about some of the most interesting individual offers in the order of how interesting they are, and then we’ll discuss some of the best strategies for stacking up those extra 5,000 Aeroplan points upon completing multiple offers.