Meeting and interacting with so many Serbians, and not feeling like I was abiding in a sea of tourists. Continue onwards to Zlatibor, which serves as the perfect home base in the region. One of our day trips was to Devil’s Town. That’s what we did. Lepenski Vir very well may have been the birthplace of civilization in Europe! In Serbia roads are not very good (except in some parts) and there a lots of accidents on the roads (new traffic law just been passed in Serbian … Join one of the free walking tours in the morning, have a beer in the sun in the city center and party hard all night long in the … We slept in a floating hotel on the Danube! All of the food was to die for; I’m sure I gained a few pounds during the trip. The first stop on our trip was Niš, a good size city, although a lot smaller than Belgrade. Golubac Fortress – Best places to visit in Serbia. But the actual rock formations themselves are something to behold. attention. My other favorite part of the road trip (besides Devil’s Town) was the train ride we took around Mokra Gora. Over the years, it’s been passed from the Turks to the Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, then Austrians. The site was once one large settlement and, in the adjacent museum, one could see the skeletons found, their pottery, and sculptures. The train stopped every 15 minutes or so for people to get off and take pictures. The tower still stands today, but not as a symbol of fear, but as a symbol of the brave actions of the Serbians. Continue Reading…. I would only recommend having a car in the countryside, you do not really need one in Belgrade. Bryan, I was able to rent a car in Croatia at the airport and drove into Bosnia and Montenegro.I really wanted to get to Macedonia and Serbia as well but ran out of time.. Just make sure you always keep the speed limits and don't break the rules, because policemen are happy to fine you all the time. Driving itself is part of the pleasures of a trip to Serbia and particularly to Macedonia. After exploring Belgrade for two days, take a day trip to explore Eastern Serbia. I highly recommend doing all of the free walking tours offered each and every day, as they will give you great insight into the city. There’s quite a bit of history within Belgrade itself – as it’s been under the rule of the Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians prior to becoming part of Yugoslavia, then Serbia and Montenegro then finally just Serbia. Spend some time wandering around and learning about Belgrade. This would not be my last proposal in Serbia. Since my newfound freedom, I have set foot on all seven continents, explored 114 countries, and continue to strive to live life to the fullest. Just as we were about to leave, he told me that he would marry me for free if I found a husband in Serbia. Over the years, it’s been passed from the Turks to the Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, then Austrians. Novi Sad, la deuxième grande ville du pays, vous réserve également de belles … It is not an easy country to explore via public transportation, so we decided to rent a car with Auto Europe and set off on a Serbia road trip! Upon completion of this Serbia road trip with Auto Europe, you will have seen the best sites Serbia has to offer, and some of its greatest off-the-beaten-path sites too! Des grands-pères coiffés de bérets sont assis aux perrons des maisons, comme pour parfaire le décor. Interested in road tripping Serbia? We have passions and goals and routines. Sleep: Check out your hotel options in Belgrade here. I’ve always wanted to visit Serbia, and it sounds like a road-trip is an amazing way to see the country! The history of Serbia is very interesting. The restaurant owner, a man, starts eyeing us. Locals say that it’s the best viewpoint in the Tara Mountains. There is something special in a road trip, something akin to freedom. Par contre je conseille de prendre vraiment le temps de faire un road trip. Banjas in Serbia are like spas in the US. Serbia is an absolutely beautiful country that is just waiting to be explored. Here is the perfect 7 day itinerary! The mornings were spent drinking coffee and eating traditional Serbian food, a lot of bread, filled with cheese, called pita sa sirom. Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Sofia to Belgrade. As we’re wandering around the resort, we encountered men selling a few trinkets and some food. Proposal number two. Jess || frontière. We began our day by visiting Sirogojno, an open-air ethno museum. It’s very easy to access as the entire hike is only about one kilometer, but it’s absolutely stunning! I didn't have any issues at the … He was supposed to be retiring for the night, but instead, chose to wait up and talk with us, and to educate me in the orthodox religion. The devil saw these devout believers and decided to poison them, to make them forget their lineage, and forget their devotion to God. I got to take an epic Serbia road trip when I visited the country in 2014. The area itself is also quite beautiful. The Trippy road trip planner automatically calculates the optimal itinerary including stops recommended by … Having a home base was absolutely wonderful. I’m Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler, and I choose to dream out loud. Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town built in the 14th Century by the Ottoman Empire. He starts telling us his life story, which is interesting, and about how his son is trying to get a visa to be a lifeguard in the United States. The more and more I travel, the more I realize that deep down, people are the same. Sremski Karlovci – Best places to visit in Serbia. Maybe asded 1 week romania, or would serbia be enough for a 2 week trip? After the train ride we made our way to Drvengrad, perhaps the most popular, or at least well known, town in Serbia, thanks to movie magic. I got the chance to see a skull tower in Niš. The tower was built after the battle of Čegar; a fight between 3,000 Serbians and 70,000 Turks. Do you think is safe for a female solo traveler to rent a car and explore Serbia? It was spectacular. Dubrovnik, Croatia. I don’t think of the US being that amazing, but to some people, I know it is like a dream come true. It’s dangerous because things can fall through the hole (one drunk guy was actually killed when he fell through that very hole). La Serbie est un petit état des Balkans occidentaux. Here are some great things to do in Belgrade! When I arrived back in Belgrade, my other friends told me I had seen things that most Serbians had never seen. At first I thought, this guy is joking. It was so nice having someone else drive and schedule everything, I could just sit back and enjoy. Spend some time wandering around and learning about. We sat down to coffee, and wine, and chatted a bit. And I’m so glad they gave us time to snap away! And drinking at night in bars with live music. I help busy people travel the world in 1-10 day trips, have magical experiences abroad, and Florida travel inspiration and information. Eventually, he approaches us and starts talking to my friend in rapid Serbian, my friend’s mouth curls up in a smile. Sounds like a terrific experience, Sarah. My friend pointed out onto the formations, “before they put up these barriers, when I was little, I crawled out onto the rocks.” I eyed the barrier, and with a grin, hopped over the fence (which looking back was a foolish, idiotic thing to do) I walked out onto those formations, staring at those structures, which are the source of so many Serbian legends. I highly recommend it! Here is the perfect 7 day itinerary! Banjas in Serbia are like spas in the US. It was quite a beautiful church, decorated with beautiful artwork, and it just felt as if it had seen so much. Since my newfound freedom, I have set foot on all seven continents, explored 114 countries, and continue to strive to live life to the fullest. Serbie. Take a quick break to photograph the Drina River House before continuing onwards to the Banjska Stena viewpoint in the Tara Mountains. Getting to see a huge chunk of the entire country, with friends, while taking my first cross-country road trip was exciting. Is it safe to drive in the Balkans? God heard the cry and turned the wedding guests to rock, and they are still standing there today. Massively outnumbered, and with the knowledge of being captured, Steven Sindjelic, a Serbian militant, shot a gun powder magazine, killing thousands of Turks, and the few remaining Serbs, to cause the enemy as many losses as possible. Spend at least one day in Belgrade seeing the main attractions. I’d definitely say it is safe enough for a solo female traveler to rent a car and explore Serbia — everyone was incredibly kind and I didn’t experience any issues at all , Your email address will not be published. For the equivalent of around $6, you can take a 2.5-hour train ride in the mountains. We began and ended our journey in my friends’ hometown, and the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. It’s not a touristy spot by any means, but we decided to drive up the highest peak in the region to this monument in remembrance of the 5,000 soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. This ethno village is completely free of charge, and you can have a traditional lunch or snack there as well. Prise de votre voiture de location, et en route pour Kotor. I also tried punjena paprika (stuffed paprika), musaka (3 layers of potatoes, mashed meat, and more potatoes), Ćevapi (a kind of minced meat that is served in finger-like pieces), and pljeskavica (which looks like a hamburger). I was always greeted warmly, like part of the family. This man offered me a house in Serbia. The Turks, upset by the loss, gathered the skulls of the dead Serbians and built the tower, trying to instill fear in the Serbian people. bienvenue en serbie. Use your best judgment of course. So, there we are, in a restaurant, speaking English (which is not a common occurrence in Serbia) when this older man approaches us. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based … Hello, I am planning a road trip across Serbia (4 days) and Bosnia (4 days). La bâtisse, autrefois habitée par des moines, da… We took a short walk around the Banja, me still reeling from our conversation, my friend less surprised. At this point, I just want to run away, but trying to be polite, we wait out the conversation until we can quietly leave. at the border, Serbia … And I had two wonderful guides explaining all the history and legends of their culture, a hundred times better than any other guide I’ve had while traveling. And I loved drinking in an assortment of coffee shops and spending hours just pleasantly chatting. Getting around Serbia by car was easy as could be, as their roads are well maintained and signed. My trip was a bit different because I had locals drive me around, and never had to rent a car. Dozens of candles flickered in an altar. It’s Serbia’s second largest city, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. I got to visit Serbian wine country, or Aleksandrovacka Zupa. During the Middle Ages, this was the site of many battles between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. The man’s wife snaps a picture of me (to be fair she got a picture of my friend and his girlfriend as well) and puts me on the phone with her son (who can barely speak any English). We stopped and ate at a restaurant located in Prolom banja. While it’s not a traditionally “pretty” European city, it has its own unique vibe and style. My friend’s girlfriend and I take a walk while the men chat. After exploring Belgrade for two days, take a day trip to explore Eastern Serbia. I’m Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler, and I choose to dream out loud. Trips to Niš, Devil’s Town, Prolom Banjas, Kopaonik, Trips to Aleksandrovacka Zupa, Mokra Gora, Drvengrad, Stopica, Sirogojno. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn compensation if you click through and make a purchase. I love the food in Serbia. From Belgrade, drive about an hour north to Sremski Karlovci, a sleepy little wine town. Et si il y a beaucoup beaucoup de surprises en Serbie. During the Middle Ages, this was the site of many battles between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. The town itself was fascinating, so many little idiosyncrasies.