At least now that Morse has his own place he should have the opportunity to play some more classical music, for those who have been missing that. Jago, when passing the envelope with money in it, says to Thursday, “It’s just baksheesh for a blind eye turned.” Baksheesh is a word used in Asia meaning a small sum of money given as alms, a tip, or a bribe. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Tiomkin. Read about El deguello by Dimitri Tiomkin and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. I heard “Treegarden.” And, at one point, I thought she said that the family name was translated from Baumgarten. So, for the first time in 21 years I find myself no longer caring for anyone. Much to discuss and I will likely be back and forth. Make it yours! At around the 30 minute mark Morse is talking to the porter about Professor Burrowes. (3) In “The Third Man,” the Holly Martins character wrote westerns. Hi. Series 2 had Fred’s shooting and the devastating revelation about Jakes’ childhood. RIO BRAVO was made the year before THE ALAMO. Jago shot Box. Betray their moral compass and their oath as a policeman or face up to an uncertain future. Hi Chris – sorry you cop that stuff online (which I have been seeing) – I never understand those reactions but it is why now I am not a member of any the public FB pages (I do visit yours) nor any Twitter groups. This sort of explains why they “didn’t see it coming” about the building. The trumpet theme is similar to Tiomkin’s “Deguella” (the Italian title of Rio Bravo was Un dollaro d’onore, “A Dollar of Honor”). I suspect many of them are simply infatuated with Sean or Roger or others, but as a whole I would give score this series a 5 out of ten. But leaves the door ajar. I’m adding below the definitive genealogy of the family (it listsTeagardens, Tiegardens, and many more variants). wonderful mind all . Guessing thats under wraps for privacy? But what a perfect compliment to the final episode! What are you saying? If I’m not mistaken, Verdi only shows up once in all seasons of ‘Endeavour,’ and not his ‘Otello’ or in Season 6. (I had a tear in my eye during the last scene). THE ANEMOI were the gods of the four winds–namely Boreas the North-Wind, Zephryos (Zephyrus) the West, Notos (Notus) the South, and Euros (Eurus) the East. The shoddy construction of the flats & the associated corruption rather reminded me of a similar plot-line in “Our Friends in the North” & the real-life scandal in the North East on which that was based. He was extremely intelligent, able to quote academics, and yet so dumb with obvious clues. The body of Binks was discovered by the fire brigade in the basement of Cranmer House. Here I am thinking out loud again. Obviously, Tiomkin's work is still under copyright, and I really don't know if these films were from Batman Productions (John Wayne's production company) or who else owns the copyright to such, but surely Batman would be a place to start your search. I read it was an original work made for the episode recording artist not credited. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Please subscribe to to my website. Of course, it could also have been a name picked completely from thin air, but that doesn’t seem to happen much on “Endeavour,” does it. Evrn if you contribute to PBS so you can watch it on the PBS Passport streaming service, you still get the edited 1 he 23 minute version. A technique used in much great literature and drama is to use symbol and reference to speak directly to the audience without the need for lengthy explanation or dialogue. Councillor Burkitt tells Fred that he has the cheque that he gave Charlie and that Scotland Yard are looking for him in connection with a, “long firm fraud“. Episode Jag Rating – out of 10. Just starting to watch season 7. Alexander Hanson who played Councillor Clive Burkitt. I still believe this is a film set and not a real pub. Again, the reference to the Battle of the Alamo. Thank you for your diligent work, as always. I think the scene where Strange takes down the picture of George Fancy is to show his ‘investigation’ is now over, rather than any point about the Freemasons. After all, I don’t think any of us are looking for the standard police procedural by watching the young Morse. That makes sense – there were a whole lot of photos of filming scenes with Morse in uniform in front of Joan’s flat yet (and someone correct me if I am wrong as I only saw Pylon via you tube as my streaming service failed) none of that appeared in the episode and I was surprised by that. So if you take the decision to include the development of the characters’ personal lives, a larger ensemble of back stories is bound to intrude into the basic plot. Congrats on your studies! When I read a preview of the episode, I first thought the whole apartment block would collapse very much like the Twin Towers did, and thought I didn’t think anybody was intending, or even would take away, an association with that, I did think such a total collapse would be very unrealistic and over-the-top. I do live in US but I had ordered the DVD’s of Series 7 from ITV so I know how the series goes. On the wall of what was the squat  and soon to become Morse’s house we can see a Latin phrase on the wall. 4 the whole story line of the bad concrete causing the tower to fall and the slick politician was unbelievably predictable. Series 3 had Joan’s departure and the impact on Morse and Fred. Wasn’t a similar template set with Morse, certainly from Series 4. As you of course observed, in this episode, Alexander Hanson played the slimy Councillor Clive Burkitt. Despite his foreign ancestry he became a Hollywood icon in film scores for his capacity to brilliantly capture classic Americana themes. When Morse and Thursday first interview Dr. Richardson they question him about the book he was reading in the library, ‘Memoirs Of A Voluptuary’. [3], "Degüello" is a Spanish noun from the verb "degollar", to describe the action of throat-cutting. I would have liked to have seen Morse get the Jaguar. This is of course a reference to Angela Lansbury who plays Jessica Fletcher in the TV series Murder She Wrote. 5 No classical music, just can’t understand why? We the viewer are to think that symbolic ring and all it symbolises is more important than George Fancy and that’s why he is taking his picture down. Great review, Kit. Holly Matrins is a writer in the film. In films, El Degüello varies, sometimes markedly. View all posts by Chris Sullivan. Did you discuss the meaning behind the Hebrew words and the implicit reference to the story of the Golem? They will all be jailed though the Councillor may escape jail as he turned Queen’s evidence which means he ‘grassed’ to put in the criminal vernacular. “Houston, an Oxford graduate student who published a 2015 history of the Phi collection in the Bodleian Library Record. I’m sure Endeavour isn’t the first TV show to use music in this way, but it’s what I like about it. YouTube - Rio Bravo - El Deguello - Dimitri Tiomkin. Unfortunately, this possibility has much going against it. Also Dean Martin's end credit song Rio Bravo and Dimitri Tiomkin's composition El Deguello make an appearance on this 21 minute disc. I hope that all makes sense. 3. Thanks for answering. At the end Bright says what will happen within the police, but not to those two (unless I missed it). Directed by Jeffrey Hayden. The worry for his family. But there is something striking and memorable about the way music has also been used in Endeavour. I was rather perplexed with your first post because I thought the episode, as a whole, was pretty good, but now that I know it was the ending that made you so mad almost *because* the rest of the episode was so good, it makes a lot more sense. "Play deguello!" Anway, I hope you enjoy the video. It has helped me greatly in my appreciation of all things Morse, Lewis and Endeavour! That pub was thought to be The Red Lion in Penn. Musically trained in Russia, he is best known for his westerns, "where his expansive, muscular style had its greatest impact." Not only is this demonstrated by Strange’s doubts over his own loyalty to the Masonic mob, but this tug of war within oneself to stay loyal to a group and compromise one’s own integrity is further evidenced in both Thursday and Box throughout I feel. I can only assume that Russell or the production team forgot to add that prop into the scene. Pompei – the bodies are actually casts made by the excavators by pouring plaster into the “mould” made around the body by the lava, ash, etc. Here was a production in which music played an upfront role—not just background music but a proud statement in its own right. So glad you were able to calm down enough to see straight about this episode, Chris! While the lettering in the banner to the ‘Oxford Mail’ seems a bit oversized, the look is spot on, isn’t it? It was in the UK version that was broadcast. (this is Tiomkin's version of the haunting Deguello song, aka "the cutthroat" song) ... RIO BRAVO is on AMC!!! – Reputation (2006) … (story). Subject: RE: El Deguello.wav From: GUEST Date: 07 May 09 - 12:46 AM The Dimitri Tiomkin song used in Rio Bravo and John Wayne's The Alamo is not the original bugal call. The scene above is almost a perfect match for a scene in the Lewis episode The Lions of Nemea, (series 8, episode 3). Now I know why they named the character who was looking at them was named Nicholson. Eg. Dulcie was the Bright’s daughter who died in India. Egad, I should have known that Chris would be a better resource than Tunefind. Because I enjoy opera I get lots of good-natured flak from some of my friends who seem to think that opera should be a reflection of reality as we commonly experience it. Rio Bravo - El Deguello El Deguello Written by Dimitri Tiomkin RIO BRAVO (USA 1959) Talk between John T. Chance and Colorado Ryan during the" DeGuello" sounds on the background: Colorado Ryan: How'd you come out with Burdette? Thanks for all the nice details! El Deguello translates as "The slaughter). The above scene has a connection with the Lewis series. Furthermore, he was also in the excellent Lewis episode “Generation of Vipers,” where he played the married journalist “Francis Mitchell.” If I remember rightly in that Lewis episode, he had been on an online date with the murder victim Professor Miranda Thornton, and thus became one of many suspects in that investigation. “Sand”, in the southern United States, has long been used — in my experience by older folks who lived and died in the 20th century — to refer to spirit, gumption, grit, getting ones back up in difficult situations and, yes, strength of character. Silly question, I suppose, but does ‘Endeavour’ run in Britain without adverts as it does in the U.S.? The only music in this episode (sadly no classical music) is sung by Jim Reeves. His wife awakes and asks for Dulcie. At the end of Degüello he moves into his hew home with just his suitcase. Pylon was an ok start, but really went down hill. After reading these comments, I wonder what ‘Endeavour’ would look like if were not wrapped in just a few 90-minute packages each season. Someone lent me a dvd and, although I was reluctant to ‘waste my time’ watching it at first, it made an immediate impression. I thought for a bit that Thursday was going to get in deep trouble, which would mean Morse never mentions him in the future (mentioning the still-not-yet-seen McNutt instead as his mentor). Dimitri Tiomkin was born in the Ukraine in 1894 and trained as a pianist in the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia before emigrating to the United States in 1921. The episode uses only parts of the piece, and if you listen carefully, there are the lyrics “the bugles are playing Deguello”, a direct reference to the bugles at the Alamo, and the determined resolve to fight to the death. He played Jefferies and his sister was Susan Chapman who was played by Caroline O’Neill who plays Fred’s wife, Winifred. It contains the English Faculty Library. Jago, et al, knew that if Endeavour heard his friend in danger, he would rush down to the morgue, and if he found him gone (and, I bet, the presence of blood), he would work things out from there. Mexicali Rose was not the song played. Spencer tries to break through the defensive crust of a trumpet player who appears to fear for his own life. I miss just having a good stand alone mystery like in the first few series and in morse and Lewis. You can choose as many as you wish – each will be shared, but only one per day gets KR Points. One stood out among the traditional numbers and letters used in the classification system: a lone Greek symbol chosen, most likely, as a pun on “Fie!” (As in, “Fie on you for such prurient proclivities!”).”. This looks very much like the pub that was used in the previous episode, Confection. I did wonder whether the Endeavour plot was an allusion to Grenfell, but as others have said, Cranmer seems more likely. Over the closing credits, Martin, backed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, sings a specially composed song, "Rio Bravo" (written by Tiomkin with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster. – Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things (2011) … (screenplay) When Ronnie takes Fred to meet McGyffin and the councillor, Fred wonders who is in charge. I think I noticed another reference in Deguello – the logo on top of the Dinkley Opticians letterhead (as seen on the letter to Hollis Binks) reminded me a great deal of the billboard featuring the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg that looked over the valley of ashes in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”. Tell me if I’m wrong, but people don’t usually walk with their hands in their pockets, do they? It is a major tradition that Santa Anna had his massed bands play the Deguello! Another great review Chris and moving between different locations. I would prefer if Joan needed to exit. I don’t mean they decided early on not to pursue it–I mean they filmed it, and then decided to edit it out. – Who shot Box? (I come from the “Tegarden” side of the tracks, but many cousins are Teagardens.) As mentioned above Caroline O’Neill played Susan Chapman to the character Jefferies who played her brother. What was the song on the record Fred was playing? Written by Colin Dexter (characters), Russell Lewis (written and devised by). It stops the natural slight swing of the arms in opposition to the motion of the legs. I do like the piece put together by Tiomkin, but I do realize that it is not original. I understand a lot of the slower thinking comes from a time period of clashing views. Mittlebau-Dora was a real concentration camp located near Nordhausen in Thuringia, Germany. But having watched many operas I could accept all of this without seeing it in itself as a failing, either here or in most of the other carefully staged scenes. Do you happen to know where the Council building interior was filmed? Learn more Recent Listening Trend. The film includes one of the greatest scenes in film history. gb. You will find many, many different opinions on this series once you read all the reviews and comments! And the concluding gunfight and its consequences, which would actually have rocked the entire nation with their implications, were dealt with in an almost throwaway manner. Terry, you must not be an American watching American TV or movies if you think the ending in Way Through The Woods (one of my favorite episodes) was a bloodbath! Thank you, I have really enjoyed reading your fantastic coverage. Shot twice. First, I want to say how impressive it is to see ‘Endeavour’ try so hard. The drinking would have been over the course of years, the classical music to soothe the restless soul, or the fill in the holes in his bachelor life. When Jim Strange walks into the room where the dead junkie is lying, Ronnie Box says, “- Christ, what’s this? “I was reading a series of interviews with Russell Lewis and was shocked by how many scenes exploring the character’s lives end up on the cutting room floor.”. The death of a librarian at the Bodleian library has Morse and Thursday baffled. In films, El Degüello varies, sometimes markedly. It’s happened to most of them but it seems Dorothea has suffered most in the final edit. Didn’t anyone laugh when they saw a math professor, a regular at the library, reading naughty books. excellent Video Chris and nice to see you agreed with my comment a few days ago about Quarry workers footprints. Dimitri Tiomkin - Deguello (ORIGINAL from RIO BRAVO) - YouTube Dimitri Tiomkin - Deguello (ORIGINAL from RIO BRAVO) pin. who sang ” deguello;; in this episode? A connection to Bright. But I’m hoping that classical music will always play a major role in my experience of Endeavour. morse moved to house that 2 dead people at last,he’s so brave. Lyrics not Mexicali Rose. The “Lansbury” character, though minor, could also have been a reference to London-born TV producer/screenwriter Bruce Lansbury, responsible for “The Wild Wild West” and classic “Mission: IMPOSSIBLE” in the ’60s, and later shows such as “Knight Rider” and “Murder, She Wrote” (the last of which covers both Lansbury references, of course). You can listen to the song in its entirety here: I know I would never have been allowed to speak to a teacher in the 50s and 60s with my hands in my pockets. In the questioning of Dr. Jasper Nicholson (Scene 7—01:06:18-01:08:53) I noted an allusion to the film A Beautiful Mind (2001) when he explains himself thus to Morse and Thursday: “Emile’s work was flawed. You pair should get on Opportunity Knocks. I’m glad I double checked. And ask yourself: Is Endeavour/Morse really the enthusiastic DIY type? I think with the potential for a limited time frame to explain Morse in the future, made them rush to fill in gaps. But Box came in the door, shot Jago, then slid down the wall – showing he was shot in the back. There is a Sherlock Holmes story called The Maple White Terror: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure. Depiction in films. Thank you for your review and analysis As always an entertaining and comprehensive adjunct to the series. As far as I’m aware the scripts are not available but there are transcripts of some Endeavour episodes at this site, Last night I rewatched the episode and was struck by how similar it was to the way the original Morse series approached the season’s finales. I just wanted to comment that Degüello in Spanish is the action of killing someone by cutting his neck. Evans no doubt alluding to Shaun Evans. Blenheim Vale was the children’s home that Endeavour and Thursday investigated in the episode Neverland, series 2, episode 4. In general terms for me this series has been poor. This works well at this point in the story, where each character is shown as he forms that resolve. unravelling there before me on the pages. Hey, good review. Only £3140. Fred didn’t believe he was going to return from the stand off with Jago, McGyffin and the rest. (6) I too thought of the Jago = Iago reference. Love that Endeavour is now in Morse’s Woodstock Road house even if it isn’t the ‘real’ due to the redevelopment but… Does anyone know where said new house is? There was a lot of art on display at various places but it will take a while to identify. Alexander is married in real life, to the well known actress, Samantha Bond. I wish to say that this family name has NOTHING to do with trees and has never been interchangeable with Baumgarden. But that’s simply not what it’s about. Subscribing to this website can be done in two ways. I was particularly struck when Morse walked into the hospital with his hands in his pockets to see Sandra Reynolds. The image on the letterhead of the optometrist, is the same image of The Great Gatsby, and the underlying hint of how things operate for the wealthy vs the common man. In the southern part of Texas In the town of San Antone There's a fortress all in ruins that the weeds have overgrown You may look in vain for crosses and you'll never see a-one But sometimes between the setting and the rising of the sun Whenever Endeavour moved in the past, he took both his suitcase and his record player. Because hearing him attacked (I don’t think Endeavour could tell at that point that he was kidnapped, exactly) was the best way to lure him to the worksite. The name Dimitri Tiomkin calls forth the image of one of Hollywood’s most distinguished and best-loved composers. Endeavour fans hate when you or I criticize the program for being less than what it could be. Maybe some connections to future Morse characters, like Bottomley, Charlie Hillian, Patrick Dawson (again)? I assumed the bullet passed right through, leaving a possibly larger exit wound bleeding at the back. He stumbled and made mistakes. Strange created a incident room in his office in the same way as would happen in a ‘normal’ investigation and this is shown earlier in the series. The pen-name sub plot is not in the movie but in the novel, Martins’ pen-name is Buck Dexter. Touch wood.). Not that it would ever become a soap opera, but we could see more of the various characters’ development and certainly more realistic policing. The above will become the house below, eventually. I though Hollis’s body was in a remarkable state of preservation for having been encased in concrete for a year. Max is indispensable to “Endeavour.”. This prayer is recited as part of Jewish mourning rituals. No one even noticed the clue about the building con. ARGGGH! 1. ( is his surname to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars?). Grace Burt. Thursday sitting at home listening to some music; Mexicali Rose by Jim Reeves. In the operatic standoff at the end someone mentions Box and Jago says dismissively, “he’s not the sand for men’s work.” So poetic and a nod to the salty sand that failed in the tower, but what does it mean? The anxiety and stress of the situation. Thursday’s listening to Jim Reeves in the last episode was magic.