“Mẫu này sẽ được bán trên thị trường với mức giá dao động từ 700.000 - 2,3 triệu euro tùy theo kiểu máy", Jean Botti thông báo. VoltAero diseñó el Cassio 2 totalmente compuesto con el socio Aero Composites Saintonge. The flight was conducted by French startup VoltAero, utilizing the company's Cassio 1 testbed aircraft at the Royan-Médis Aérodrome in France. In support of Europe’s Green Deal Strategy and Recovery Plan, VoltAero has been selected by the European Innovation Council as one of the game-changing start-ups and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to receive multi-million-euro funding. The VoltAero Cassio is a family of hybrid electric aircraft being developed by startup company VoltAero. “The Cassio production design’s unveiling represents the latest step in our realistic and highly pragmatic creation of an all-new aircraft family,” said Jean Botti, VoltAero… The prototype, called Cassio 1, is based on a Cessna 337 Skymaster and comes equipped with two electric motors from Safran and a thrust propeller with combustion engine from Nissan. Now VoltAero is offering three versions of the hybrid aircraft called Cassio. The powertrain currently is being validated on VoltAero’s Cassio 1 flight test aircraft based on a Cessna 337. Jets, and in particular any type of private jet, are increasingly criticized because of their emissions, although these represent only 2% of global CO2 emissions, compared to 50% for land transport. On July 23, VoltAero will perform the first demonstration flight of its 800-hp. ©VoltAero Cassio aircraft VoltAero, based in Médis, France, has been awarded an initial grant of €2.1 million (US$2.5 million) by the European Innovation Council in support of Europe’s Green Deal Strategy and Recovery Plan. VoltAero is intending to certify the Cassio family under EASA CS23 certification specifications as a … The final nine-seat version, Cassio 2, should also use that configuration. VoltAero’s Cassio 1 testbed has been fitted with the 800-hp hybrid-electric propulsion system planned for the production Cassio 2. Credit: VoltAero. aviation hybride-botti-cassio-E-FAN-esteyne-voltaero Jean Botti et Didier Esteyne, les pères du programme d’avion électrique l’E-Fan enterré par Airbus, reviennent avec un projet d’avion hybride de quatre places et plus, avec lequel ils ambitionnent de titiller le … VoltAero has shown the production configuration for its Cassio aircraft hybrid-electric aircraft for the first time. VoltAero designed the all-composite Cassio 2 with partner Aero Composites Saintonge. Under the terms of an agreement with the French start-up announced today, Sonaca will “transition Cassio from its current design status into a … Se potessi comprare un aereo con il quale volare per 100 miglia, atterrare e andare a un incontro di lavoro, quindi volare a casa poche ore dopo che è stato ricaricato all’aeroporto? The company plans to produce three configurations of the Cassio aircraft: the four-place Cassio 330, the six-place Cassio 480, and the ten-place Cassio 600. VoltAero hat einen Partner für die Konstruktion und die Entwicklung der Zellen seiner geplanten Elektroflugzeug-Familie Cassio ausgewählt. … voltaero-cassio-production-version-alps-photo-2 Il Cassio2, per nove passeggeri ha un sistema di propulsione elettrica che lo trasforma in un modello X volante. El avión de movilidad aérea urbana (UAM), se puede configurar de diferentes maneras. VoltAero to receive significant European funding for the development of its Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft. Premier vol d’un « trimoteur » à propulsion hybride. Additional details will be announced via the www.VoltAero.aero website. Its design is to be revealed later in 2020. VoltAero (Royan) a présenté au dernier salon du Bourget, l’an passé, son projet d’avion à motorisation hybride constituée d’une combinaison de deux moteurs électriques tractifs et … Cassio 2 tiene tres superficies de elevación que mejoran en gran medida su aerodinámica y manejo. The two electric motors mounted on the wings produce 45kW and 70kW […] Deux prototypes, deux configurations. Cassio uses VoltAero’s hybrid-electric power module in an aft fuselage pusher configuration, integrating a cluster of electric motors with a high-performance internal combustion engine that serves as the range extender. The power module for VoltAero’s Cassio production aircraft is now undergoing flight testing on the Cassio 1 testbed, marking another major step in the company’s development of a series production hybrid-electric airplane family for regional transportation that will accommodate four to 10 seats, with flight ranges of up to 1,200km. This is an internal combustion engine and three electric motors in a triangular arrangement, and a gearbox connecting them to a single propeller in a pusher configuration. Premier vol du Cassio 1 pour VoltAero. The Voltaero Cassio, developed by former Airbus CTO Jean Botti, is a hybrid-electric, high-range airplane, built to bring cleaner energy to regional commercial flights, private aircraft ownership, and more.The hybrid system utilized by Voltaero gives the Cassio the utmost safety, the lowest noise emissions, and highest fuel efficiency among any existing aircraft of its class. After VoltAero announced the maiden flight of a prototype of its hybrid-electric aircraft study in March, the French start-up is now following up with the specifications of the final variants. The VoltAero Cassio is a hybrid electric aircraft developed by startup company VoltAero established in Royan in September 2017 by the CTO and test pilot of the 2014 Airbus E-Fan 1.0, with the support of the French Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. VoltAero Cassio Hybrid Electric Aircraft (Image: VoltAero) The performance indicators of the hybrid-electric aircraft include a range of 800 miles (close to 1300 km), cruise speed of 200 knots, and an autonomy of 3.5 hours, with a possible extension to 5 hours. This testing is a major step toward validating the electric and hybrid-electric powertrains for Cassio aircraft. VoltAero is currently testing on the ground a hybrid power module combining a combustion engine with an electric one that should eventually be fitted to the back propeller of Cassio 1. VoltAero intends to offer three variants for its Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft. VoltAero Cassio – photo courtesy VoltAero The prototype of the private jet from the French VoltAero is already flying – Commercialized in 2022. and cruise speeds of 200kts. The French startup VoltAero launched the maiden flight of its first hybrid aircraft. VoltAero a dévoilé la physionomie définitive de son avion hybride-électrique beaucoup plus futuriste que celle du Cessna C337 Push-Pull qui lui sert de banc d’essai volant depuis le début. Installing the Cassio aircraft’s hybrid power module When the Cassio 1 testbed’s Version 2.2 configuration flight tests are completed, VoltAero will remove the aircraft’s original rear thermal engine, replacing it with the other key element of the company’s hybrid electric aircraft configuration: the proprietary hybrid power module. The combustion engine in the current prototype is a Nissan V6 engine, producing 230 hp. The production VoltAero Cassio uses what the company calls a hybrid-electric power module. The VoltAero Cassio is a family of hybrid electric aircraft being developed by startup company VoltAero.The company plans to produce three configurations of the Cassio aircraft: the four-place Cassio 330, the six-place Cassio 480, and the ten-place Cassio 600. Belgian aerostructures manufacturer Sonaca is to develop and build the airframe for VoltAero’s Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft. Die belgische Sonaca Group wird die Arbeiten ausführen und später auch die Serienproduktion der Flugzeugstrukturen kontrollieren. The Cassio 330 will seat four and have a 330-kilowatt hybrid-electric propulsion system. Watch this historic event on a special webcast featuring CEO Jean Botti. Le design du véritable premier avion entièrement développé par Voltaero, le Cassio 2, doit être dévoilé dans les prochaines semaines. Publié le 11 mars 2020 par Rédaction. The Cassio family includes models capable of seating from four to nine people and is aimed at charter and point-to-point regional operations, private owners and utility applications. VoltAero has begun flight testing its all-new family of Cassio e-aircraft using Safran Electrical & Power’s ENGINeUS smart electric motors.. hybrid-electric powertrain for the 10-seat Cassio aircraft. The 480-kilowatt Cassio 480 will seat six and the 600-kilowatt Cassio 600 will seat ten. VoltAero is pushing a tight schedule: The Cassio models are to be produced […] Lors de l’interview vidéo qu’il nous avait accordée, quand nous avions abordé le sujet spécifique des qualifications nécessaires pour piloter le Cassio, Jean Botti avait laissé […] Thứ Tư tuần này, Cassio 1 đã bay thử nghiệm, nhưng người kế nhiệm, Cassio 2 do Voltaéro thiết kế, sẽ bay vòng quanh nước Pháp trong 15 ngày nữa. On March 24, 1:30 p.m., French time, VoltAero is planning to unveil the definitive design for the Cassio 2 aircraft during an event at the company’s Aérodrome de Royan-Médis headquarters.